“I dedicate this gold to all of Italy”

“I dedicate this gold to all of Italy”
“I dedicate this gold to all of Italy”

“The first gold after Bolt? I remember every Bolt race, all the races he did. Winning the Olympics after him with his time is incredible.” Marcell Jacobs said this in the mixed zone after his historic 100-meter victory at the Tokyo Games. “An Olympic gold is the beginning of a career. We arrived here very determined. In my head I repeated to myself what others have more than me that I don’t have: nothing. We can do what they do, run fast too and we did. He dedicates it to all of Italy that supported me, my children, my family “, added Jacobs. Then the compliments of the opponents: “When the others saw that I won they congratulated me. When we took the photos they told me you have to stay in the middle, it is you who won. A stage that I am not used to and really fantastic. I can’t wait for tomorrow. It is true that I have set the European record but in ten years someone will come and take it away from you. Nobody can take an Olympic medal away from you. ”

“I won the Olympics, it will take me a week to make it happen – said the athlete – I won’t sleep tonight, I will look at the ceiling but nobody will take away the gold medal”. “During the warm-up between the semifinal and the final – said Jacobs – my conditions were better than in the semifinal. I knew that I could also improve the technical level because I had not made an excellent start. I asked my body to give me the last one. chance before going to rest. ‘Let me do the last run as best we can and then I’ll let you rest’ “.

“I knew I was in a great condition. I arrived at the blocks concentrated without looking at the opponents but only at my lane. I only looked at the opponents when I arrived at the finish line, I screamed because it was the only thing I had to do . There was Gimbo in the middle of the track, we jumped on him. I know his story, everything he went through. The same goes for me. So many blows I had to overcome. This year is my year. I’m really happy. . It will take me at least up to the relay to realize what happened. I will watch it all tonight. I was already not sleeping normally, let alone after winning an Olympics. ”


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