Bernardo “The Mayor at night ‘? A Mayor is enough, but who works 24 hours for his city “

The Radicals represent the eighth list that is added to the other seven in support of Sala. They propose “The Mayor at night”. To which the current Mayor is in favor, after discussion with the others. And the fact that it exists in Amsterdam has a decisive weight in bringing it closer to the prerogatives of European capitals. But it also seems the will to discharge responsibility with a cost to be verified. And then, it was found that Sala does not know how to solve the Movida problem.

Bernardo comments “There is no need for two mayors. One who works 24 hours for his city is enough. The only way to contain the nightlife in terms of what can happen and what we see in the emergency room, as young people stabbed, drunk, drugged, battered by fights is the prevention and the garrison of the local police, which does not mean an armored city, because I’ve never said that ”.

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Bernardo Mayor night Mayor works hours city

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