the CCO tweet triggers employee protest

the CCO tweet triggers employee protest
the CCO tweet triggers employee protest

As the front of industry personalities who decide to intervene to discuss the sexism and harassment scandal in the video game industry grows, the protest of Activision Blizzard employees over a tweet shared by the CCO of the company mounts on the net. Fran Townsend.

In the post published by Townsend, the Chief Compliance Officer from Activision Blizzard in fact he gave credit to an article describing i whistleblower as a “problem”. We remind those who follow us that the whistleblowing it is a practice that identifies the activities carried out by one or more workers who, from within their own company, decide to report an offense to the competent authorities, a fraud or any danger (for oneself and for one’s colleagues) detected during one’s work activity.

As reported Jason Schreier, the tweet of the senior executive of Activision Blizzard, shared on July 30 (and therefore in the height of the storm for the scandal of harassment and sexist discrimination), sparked the vehement reaction of some employees who interpreted that post as an accusation move against those who decide to report the illicit or discriminatory conduct they have witnessed within the company. According to information gathered by the Bloomberg reporter, many of the employees who tried to contact Townsend for clarification on the matter would have learned, surprisingly, that they had been blocked on social networks by Activision’s CCO.

Meanwhile, the investigation by Activision shareholders continues and, with it, the publication on social networks of various testimonies of attempts at harassment or sexist discrimination by employees and former employees of the US videogame giant.


CCO tweet triggers employee protest

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