Elderly and disabled, Hope: “Regular admission of relatives and visitors to RSA and RSD is law. Regions and Ats respect it”

Elderly and disabled, Hope: “Regular admission of relatives and visitors to RSA and RSD is law. Regions and Ats respect it”
Elderly and disabled, Hope: “Regular admission of relatives and visitors to RSA and RSD is law. Regions and Ats respect it”

“Thanks to Minister of Health Speranza for restoring a constitutional right denied and that is the free access with Green pass in Italian CSR. Now everyone must adapt and enter 7 days a week with the Green Pass, quarantines are forbidden and the duration of visits should be extended to at least 45 minutes “. Thus Dario Francolino, president of the committee Orsan – Open Rsa Now, after having read the note issued by the Ministry of Health al Coordinator of the Health Commission of the Conference of Regions and Autonomous Provinces.

In the circular issued on Saturday 30 July, Minister Speranza clarified “all the organizational measures aimed at safely guarantee the right of visit within the aforementioned structures (Rsa and hospitals, ed), as foreseen, when fully operational, by article 1-bis of the law decree 1 April 2021, n. 44, converted, with modifications, by law 28 May 2021, n. 76“. Hope then asked a Raffaele Donini to “guarantee the maximum dissemination of the aforementioned operational indications to all the structures of the national health service, in order to ensure uniform application on the territory”.

Consequently, Francolino underlines, “now it’s up to Regions, Everyone Ats and above all at the operational level a all Italian RSAs not to betray and disappoint the expectations and requests of the Government and beyond 2.5 million family members of guests, RSAs and Residences for the disabled. The pandemic will not be resolved by bolting again the RSA and the RDS without it invest the money of paying guests in new infrastructure, increase in personal and elastic interpretation e intelligent of the legislation in force “.

Orsan “from today it becomes aAps association constituting thePermanent Observatory of the Italian Rsa and Rds – Francolino then announced – and will continue to monitor and report to the ministry and the Regions through the own monitoring reports Italian RSAs that will not comply with the law, resorting, in the most serious cases, to the judiciary. Special thanks go to Sandra Zampa, consultant of the Ministry of Health who firmly believed in this battle and contributed to the achievement of the first, important goal ”.

In recent days Orsa had announced the presentation of a complaint in the Prosecutor’s Office against defaulting Regions, Ats and RSA. Following the ministerial circular, the complaint was frozen for a week “trusting the commitments made by the Ministry of Health in the rigorous control of its application through the establishment of the Agenas-Regions working group“.

Orsan received about 500 reports a week: “If 2,000 reports a month are not enough to change the register, we are left with only the recourse to the judiciary, suspended at the specific request of the Minister of Health Speranza”. Among the requests of the association, in addition to compliance with the law, the establishment of a minimum of 45 minutes for the duration of the visits; the involvement of family members or voluntary associations in the management of access procedures to facilities, to streamline entry times; the obligation for the Regions to follow the entire cascade process, sending circulars to the Ats and then to the RSA; random checks of the Nas and the ministry.

Among the regions most active in the controls, Francolino reports Lombardy, Piedmont ed Emilia Romagna who “took action to verify the non-compliance in the structures reported” and in particular “the president Cirio. However, they are missing from the appeal 18 regions and we are disconcerted by the deafening and unjustified silence of the large groups operating in the sector (Korian, Kos, the Azzurri Years)”.

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