here is Mark Cerny’s ‘favorite’ memory expansion

here is Mark Cerny’s ‘favorite’ memory expansion
here is Mark Cerny’s ‘favorite’ memory expansion

With the official announcement of the arrival of PS5 firmware 2.0 with support for M.2 SSDs, the chief designer of Sony’s nextgen console, Mark Cerny, he can finally show on social networks the “favorite” NVMe M.2 SSD that he will use to expand the memory of his PS5.

As a good trophy hunter on PS5, Cerny feels the need to expand the storage space available on his home platform and, taking the opportunity offered him by the reveal of the first memories supported by the next system update, he explains to his many followers on Twitter. that “the ideal solution for a family with two very active PS5 players? That of using two SSDs, for him and for her”.

The maximum responsible for the design of the hardware and software ecosystem of PlayStation 5 therefore explains that he has opted for the purchase of an NVMe M.2 WD_BLACK SN850 memory, underlining how “I had a couple of awesome 7000 Mb / s options, but I finally put my money on this one. It will be really fun!”.

Before leaving you to the comments, we remind you that on these pages you will find a video that explores all the news of the firmware 2.0 in Beta of PS5, such as the possibility of enjoying the 3D Audio through the speakers of the TV or the option to measure the acoustics in your room using the DualSense controller microphone.


Mark Cernys favorite memory expansion

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