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Marcel Jacobs (athletics), 10th praise: thank you forever, what can we tell him? Realize the most immeasurable feat in the history of Italian sport. He wins the queen race of athletics and the Olympics, the final of the 100 meters: no one will ever be able to overcome him, nothing will be bigger than this. Print a hallucinating time, 9 ″ 80: a European record that also places him among the top 10 in the world lists of all times. Eternal glory to King Marcell!

Gianmarco Tamberi (athletics), 10 cum laude: has waited 5 years for this moment. From the tears of pain of Monte Carlo 2016 to those of joy for the long-pursued apotheosis. During the season he had not convinced, but today it has turned into what was supposed to be his day. Play the race of life, without making any mistakes up to 2.37. Then he celebrates gold on a par with ‘brother’ Barshim. It is the definitive consecration of a champion stronger than destiny.

Renato Paratore and Guido Migliozzi (golf), 6: an Olympics full of highs and lows, concluded respectively in 27th and 32nd position. These are tough young guys, who have already shown that they can be at the highest level. Let’s wait for them for the next few years.

Italy complete horse riding, 7: after the dressage test to forget, the blue amazons go up to seventh place after the cross-country. A good result, to try to defend in the decisive section reserved for show jumping.

Men’s foil team, 3 (fencing): Azzurri immediately eliminated from Japan, a performance that does not surprise that much because it comes to seal the worst Olympics for fencing since 1980. From September it will be time for revolutions.

Sara Fantini (athletics), 7.5: good at reaching a far from simple finish in the hammer throw. A girl who has now consolidated on measures of just over 70 meters.

Davide Re (athletics), 6: snatches the semi-final of the 400 meters, but without shining. It is struggling to return to the levels of 2019: it will be very hard to go up to the final act.

Edoardo Scotti (athletics), 5: there is no access to the semi-final of the 400 meters, even with a not despicable 45 ″ 71. He will have to recharge his energy in view of the relay in which Italy will chase a final.

Gregorio Paltrinieri (swim), 6.5: he tries in every way, but nothing is invented in this sport. Due to mononucleosis he was unable to prepare for the Games as he would have liked. For this reason the silver in the 800s looked very similar to a miracle. There is still the 10 km in open water to be tackled without particular expectations. Then we will think of Paris 2024, where we can bet that the Carpi will mediate revenge …

4 × 100 women’s mixed swimming, 7.5: the sixth place is a very positive result, which testifies to the vitality of the female movement, even without medal points in the shorter distances. At the moment the weakest link remains that of the back, not so much due to the deficient condition shown by Margherita Panziera, but because the Venetian is a thirteenth century woman who is adapted in the 100.

4 × 100 mixed male, 9: a very heavy bronze, certainly the most important medal among the six won by swimming in these Olympics. Thomas Ceccon, Nicolò Martinenghi, Federico Burdisso and Alessandro Miressi got on the podium in the most prestigious relay race and which more than any other represents the litmus test of a movement. In the past it was unthinkable for Italy to have four great performers in all four styles! And the young age of the Azzurri also bodes well for the immediate future.

Silvia Zennaro (sailing), 5: the curse of the Medal Race, after Mattia Camboni, strikes again! The blue is played all out, but runs into a false start that costs her disqualification and goodbye to the dream of getting on the podium. Fortunately, Ruggero Tita and Caterina Banti will face the final act of the Nacra17 class already certain to return to Italy with a medal, even if the goal will be that of the most precious color.

Italy men’s volleyball team, 6.5: homework carried out without problems against modest Venezuela and second place in the group. Fate lends a hand to the Azzurri, who in the draw for the quarter-finals draw Argentina and avoid the black beast Brazil! They will therefore be able to compete for a place among the magnificent four.

Luminosa Bogliolo (athletics), 8: very good at overcoming her own limits and at signing the new Italian record in 12 ″ 75 in the 100 obstacles. The very high level did not allow her access to the final, but she can be considered absolutely promoted.

Alessandro Sibilio (athletics), 8.5: in the midst of the magnificent delirium of Jacobs and Tamberi, for Italian athletics there is also room for this 22-year-old from Naples who harpoons the final of the 400 obstacles with the second repechage time, as well as the sixth absolute time trial of the semifinals. For the medals it is still early, but the tricolor athletics has found a new important card to invest in for Paris 2024.

Photo: Lapresse

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