those 10 minutes that changed the history of sport-

those 10 minutes that changed the history of sport-
those 10 minutes that changed the history of sport-
from Gaia Piccardi, sent to Tokyo

A golden and historic day at the Olympics for Italy: Marcell wins the 100 meters, the new Bolt; Gianmarco flies in the high jump, first together with Barshim

Inside the belly of this empty stage everything is heard. The sobs of Gianmarco Tamberi known as Gimbo, on the right, the boy from Civitanova Marche who has just won the Olympic gold in the high and now, in the absence of his mother, finds comfort in the embrace with the flag. And the heartbeats of Marcell Jacobs, on the left, the man from El Paso who grew up in Desenzano del Garda who is crouching on the blocks of the sprint final.

In the middle, between the two team mates (Tamberi the captain of Jacobs), one hundred meters and a total harmony of souls, the alchemy that justifies an Olympics two squares that amazed the world and its inhabitants. Italians do it better, says the usual witty colleague. Italians do it, that’s all. They wait their whole life and then take the story in one night, with a maximum of ten minutes.

Corriere della Sera has created a special with athletes and athletes, calendar, medals, stories and results in real time: watch the special Olympics

It never happened. That an Italian Olympic champion in the high would wait at the finish line for an Italian Olympic champion in the sprint to embrace him, welcome home, only I know what we went through to get here. Tamberi, 29, had broken his Achilles tendon in the last race before the Rio 2016 Games, for five years he ate, drank, thought and breathed the Olympics until he found himself eye to eye and loaded as he was of emotions, he seduced her.

Gimbo was already jumping as Marcell ran the semifinal of the 100, retouched the Italian record for the second time in Tokyo (9 “84), gave himself the first fruits of becoming the first blue athlete in the 100m Olympic final, third time overall, better than him only the Chinese Su and the American Baker.

While Jacobs recovers by being massaged, tamberi in flight towards the thin air, entered in the race at 2.19 and no longer misses up to 2.37, it means seven perfect jumps, run-up-take-off: the bar never trembles, in Gimbo’s cells there is no memory of pain, only the desire to climb higher. At 2.30 the opponents begin to fall like flies, the Korean laugh Woo and the mustachioed Australian Starc, the Russian Akimenko, the American Harrison who leaves behind a trail of dreadlocks. At 2.37 the selection made. For the medals there are three of them: the phenomenal Barshim, Sudanese pap and mother from Qatar, which if he had not been born in Doha would appear to be the sculpture of an exhibition by Giacometti, the Belarusian Nedasekau and our Gimbo.

And up there, where only the eagles go, while Jacobs enters the call room of the final of 100, everyone is wrong. Once, twice, three times. Nedasekau bronze because he brings with him the original sin of two previous errors, the judge approaches Tamberi and Barshim, who are close friends and both return from the darkness of serious injuries, and asks: do you prefer to keep jumping or do you want two golds? You don’t even need to talk to each other: Neither of us wanted to take away from the other the joy of victory will explain the blue.

Triumph ex aequo, equaled the legendary Sara Simeoni gold in Moscow ’80 (Olympics not pandemic but boycotted, that’s another story), Gimbo’s open-air party can begin. Check the chalk knee-high of the 2016 accident (with the black marker written on it: road to Tokyo 2020), there are tears and smiles and caresses with the father-coach Marco, there is space for a phone call with his girlfriend Chiara (Love, did you see?) Then suddenly it gets dark. Lights out for the presentation of the 100m final.

In lane three, squeezed between Simbine’s South Africa and Hughes’ Great Britain, that’s it little Italy between giants: China, USA, Canada have outposts in this Risk played at 36.734 km per hour of average speed, because the whole world is in a great hurry to place the flag on the tartan and elect theheir to the oldest retired, Usain Bolt. There are those who waste time regretting the Jamaican, those who do not feel up to it, Su drained of energy, Hughes makes a false start and disqualified, Nigeria (Adegoke) not land of sprinter, here has no right of citizenship. In the suspended moment before the shot, when the centists become small and curved on the blocks and then grow in the space of about ten seconds, Gimbo’s cry for Marcell is heard: Vaiiiiiiiiiiiii. And go, Jacobs, all right if you go. 0.161 the reaction time (penultimate, the fastest Kerley), 6 ”12 to take the lead in the race, 43.1 km per hour the top speed after 75 meters. Now impregnable, Kerley’s muscles swoop over the finish line four hundredths later, the great favorite De Grasse only bronze.

The Bolt de noantri Marcell Jacobs, father of three children and ten tattoos, the child who ran in the courtyard in Desenzano pretending to be behind the wheel of the scooter that his mother Viviana had denied him, and which – since then – has never stopped. Wins Olympic gold in 100 in 9 “80, a huge time trial, European and Italian record lowered for the third time in 24 hours, tenth all time. Surreal if it weren’t true. Cross the finish line, Jacobs he finds Tamberi’s smile waiting for him, ten minutes have passed from gold in the top and Italy doubles with the most precious metal in the noblest race of Olympia, the one that the tribes of Papua also talk about today, the one that delivers you straight to history.

They are like that, Gimbo and Marcell, with the blue of their suits merged into a tangle of arms, a tricolor for two, heads close, hearts in unison.

And for today, from Mars, everything. To you Earth.

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