Marcell Jacobs, Olympic lightning bolt from North Rome

Marcell Jacobs, Olympic lightning bolt from North Rome
Marcell Jacobs, Olympic lightning bolt from North Rome

While a screaming day for Italian sport like that of August 1st is tainted by those who instead of rejoicing in a historic enterprise “throw it in caciara” (true Mr. Gad Lerner?), Here is the knowledge and the territoriality of Marcell Jacobs, twenty-six years old born in El Paso to a Texan father and mother from Desenzano del Garda whose surname is Masini and here we could even discover that Mrs. Viviana is a distant relative of the former councilor of the Municipality of Rome Paolo.

In short, let’s start from the assumption that Marcel, born in 1994, has very little of an American, to the point that whispering “the pen in on the table” is even difficult for him.

He has three children, and we are sure it is the first time that a 100-meter Olympic champion is also triple team like him. He is certainly not predestined, he started with the long jump, then he gave himself up to speed.

And from the branch of Lake Garda where he took his first steps, not even longing for what he has become today, policeman Jacobs moved to Rome to train, to grow, to transform into reality what may have even been a dream, until recently.

In Tokyo he ran the semifinal and final during a Japanese evening, while where he usually trains – at Acqua Acetosa – someone was eating a sandwich between a chat, an extension on the track and a relaxing jog.

Sifting through the social networks, we read comments from presumed neighbors from Garda. Instead he lives in Collina Fleming, but don’t think about bothering him for a selfie. The boy would start running and would cover the first hundred meters of Via Flaminia in nine seconds and eighty hundredths. Could it be enough to avoid asking him for a tedious self-portrait, if you meet him with the little ones?

Come on, Mr. Jacobs Marcell from El Paso, Texas is a mere mortal. A little faster than the others, but still a mere mortal.

Massimiliano Morelli


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