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04.07 Thanks for following us and see you at the next live!

04.05 Italy that must cheer the United States against Greece to get the first place in the group. In the event of a tie or victory for the Hellenes, however, it will be second.

Italy-Hungary ends 5-5, blue comeback in the final.

0.06 ′ Bodegas wastes the victory ball at the last second.

1.10 ′ Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooool, Di Fulvio draws the score, Italy-Hungary 5-5.

2′ Time out Italia.

3 ′ Cross by Di Fulvio, the blue unlucky.

4.27 Time out Hungary.

5.18 ′ Shot out of Di Fulvio.

6.20 ′ Cross of Children.

7 ‘Goooooooooooooool, Figlioli with a great shot, Italy-Hungary 4-5.

8 ′ The last quarter between Italy-Hungary 3-5 begins.

The third quarter ends, Italy-Hungary 3-5.

0.03 ′ Angyal’s network that takes advantage of the extra man, Italy-Hungary 3-5.

1 ′ Still Del Lungo saves on a Hungarian attempt.

2.05 Del Lungo still saves the Settebello.

3.54 Rejects Del Lungo a long shot.

4.57 ′ Reteeeeeeeeee on penalty by Figlioli, Italy-Hungary 3-4.

5 ′ Complicated match for Settebello.

6′ Time out Italia.

7 ′ Di Fulvio post, Italy that does not exploit the extra man.

8 ′ The third quarter begins!

The second period ends, Italy-Hungary 2-4.

1.30 ‘Varga hat-trick who takes advantage of the numerical superiority, Italy-Hungary 2-4.

2 ‘Time out Hungary.

3 ′ Hungary that manages to defend on an Italian double attempt.

4.30 Crossing of Luongo.

5.53 ′ Still Varga puts in the net with a sharp shot, Italy-Hungary 2-3.

7 ′ Gooooooooooooool of Aicardiiiiiiii crushed inside that does not give the goalkeeper a chance, Italy-Hungary 2-2.

8 ′ The second quarter begins!

The first quarter ends, Italy-Hungary 1-2.

1.38 Varga scores with a shot from outside, Italy-Hungary 1-2.

2 ′ I pull out of Di Fulvio, Settebello who does not exploit the extra man.

2’40 Numerical superiority not exploited by Hungary.

3 ′ Del Lungo sends a sharp blow from the outside into the corner.

4’31 Echenique with a great goal immediately equalized the scores, Italy-Hungary 1-1.

5 ′ Jansik goal for Hungary, Italy-Hungary 0-1.

5.35 Great save by Del Lungo.

6.46 High conclusion of Velotto.

7 ′ Italy which begins with a very high pressing.

8′ The game begins!

02.55 National anthems in progress, soon we start!

02.50 There are only ten minutes left for the game!

02.45 In the last game against Japan, Italy had to face an asphyxiating pressure from the Japanese who, however, never really worried the Settebello.

02.40 Very important match that could be worth the head of the group.

02.35 Hello and welcome to the live Italy-Hungary men’s water polo live.

Welcome to the LIVE textual LIVE of Italy-Hungary men’s water polo match of the Tokyo Olympics, Settebello against the strong Hungarian national team to play for the first place in the group.

After the good comeback victory against the USA and the domination against Japan, Settebello finds Hungary on their way to first place in the group in a match to be followed.

We also remember the debut victory against South Africa and the 6-6 draw against Greece.

Here are the Settebello squads: Matteo Aicardi (Army / Pro Recco), Michael Bodegas (Club Natació Atlètic Barceloneta), Marco Del Lungo (Army / AN Brescia), Francesco Di Fulvio (Army / Pro Recco), Vincenzo Dolce (AN Brescia) , Gonzalo Oscar Echenique (Pro Recco), Niccolò Figari (Pro Recco), Pietro Figlioli (Pro Recco), Stefano Luongo (Pro Recco), Gianmarco Nicosia (Telimar Palermo), Nicholas Presciutti (Army / Pro Recco), Vincenzo Renzuto Iodice ( AN Brescia), Alessandro Velotto (Army / Pro Recco).

OA Sport offers you the LIVE LIVE Italy-Hungary men’s water polo match of the Tokyo Olympics: real-time news and constant updates. Start at 03:00. Have fun!

Photo: Lapresse.

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