Holidays, new sting: from ships to flights, here are all the increases

Holidays, new sting: from ships to flights, here are all the increases
Holidays, new sting: from ships to flights, here are all the increases

A new blow hits the holidays after the record hikes in June. The alarm was raised by the National Consumers Union which elaborated the latest Istat data, drawing up the ranking of the highest prices for goods and services related to summer, holidays and leisure. In the lead is maritime transport, which wins the top ten both in terms of monthly increases, with an increase of 24.7% compared to June, and in comparison with July 2020, with + 18.2%. In second place in the monthly ranking, there are domestic flights, which jumped by 17% compared to the already holiday month of last June.

Price increases also for holiday villages and international flights

In third place, the Unc rankings include holiday villages, campsites, youth hostels and the like with an increase of 15.4 percent. Off the podium, even if only slightly, are international flights which recorded an increase of 12.3% on the previous month. In fifth position the item that perhaps represents the most holidays, the tourist package: the international ones have risen by 8.1%.


The “blow” on sports services and articles

The association then places the accent on the “blow” that has also affected sports enthusiasts, physical activity and gyms: recreational and sports services – participation (swimming pools, gyms, sports facilities, bathing establishments) in fact rise by 7.5 %, while sports items (balls, rackets, diving masks, etc. etc.) by 4.1%. It is not much better for those who want to rent a means of transport or rent a garage for the holiday month, + 3.9% on last month. After fuels, in ninth position (+ 2.6% diesel, + 2.4% petrol), hotels closed in tenth place with a monthly increase of 1.6 per cent. Air conditioners are just outside the ranking, with a 1.5 percent growth.

Fuels are also on the rise

On the other hand, in the top ten of annual price increases, after maritime transport with + 18.2% and fuels (+ 16.5% petrol, + 16.2% diesel), which will affect the pockets of Italians who will reach the goal of holidays with your own car, in third place are the increases for cameras and camcorders (+ 8.4%). The increases also concern museums with prices that rose by 7.4 per cent.

Dona (Unc): even higher prices in tourist resorts

In fifth position are recreational and sports services – participation (+ 5.5%), then hotels, motels, pensions and the like (+ 3.8%), passenger rail transport (+ 3.2%), in eighth position we find transport passenger aircraft (+ 2.3%), restaurants, bars and the like (+ 2%) and in tenth position, ice cream, which rose by 1.9% compared to last summer. «The increases in July are very worrying, also because they add up to those of June. Furthermore, it must be considered that these are average increases. In tourist resorts, therefore, for some items such as hotels and restaurants, the increases can be even triple ”, is the comment of Massimiliano Dona, president of the National Consumers Union.

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