In Gianmarco Tamberi’s “Road to Tokyo” there is also Romagna

In Gianmarco Tamberi’s “Road to Tokyo” there is also Romagna
In Gianmarco Tamberi’s “Road to Tokyo” there is also Romagna

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01 August 2021 21:12

“Road to Tokyo”. There is also a pinch of Romagna in the journey of Gianmarco Tamberi and in that golden leap from 2.37 meters, which made the whole of Italy jump for joy. To get to that gold “Gimbo” fought against the pain, which started on July 15 2016 at the Monte Carlo meeting a few weeks before the Rio Olympics: an attempt at 2.41 and 50% injury to the deltoid ligament of the left ankle . A shattered dream. A few months later another operation: it was January 2017.

Professor Francesco Lijoi, director of the operating unit of Orthopedics and Traumatology of the Morgagni-Pierantoni hospital in Forlì, operated him successfully in arthroscopy. The operation, carried out at the Malatesta Novello nursing home in Cesena, consisted in the removal of the Os Trigonum present in the rear foot of the detachment foot of the blue talent. The surgery had lasted just under an hour. “I think Professor Lijoi did a great job,” said the athlete.

He had written a letter to Destiny, warning him: “You have chosen the wrong person. Very soon you will see me in that blue shirt yelling louder than ever in your face. Dear destiny, it will be you who will put the tricolor on my shoulders and put that medal around my neck. gold that I have dreamed of for years “. In 2019 the European gold arrived, while at the Doha World Cup he did not finish in the top three, in a race that saw the winner of his Qatari friend Mutaz Barshim. The same one who rebounded on Sunday and with whom he shared this magical Sunday for the blue colors that Italy will not forget.

Tamberi is followed by Fabrizio Borra, of the Forlì Physiology Center. And taking advantage of two days of physical tests, the gold of Tokyo last October went up on the “balcony of Romagna” to support a training with the boys of Gaetano Scirea under the orders of coach Emiliano Solfrizzi. In 2016, after winning the World Cup, he flew to the United States, following the Houston Rockets. And on that occasion he met James Harden closely. In 2017 he had crowned his dream of playing basketball with Serie A, participating in the Bertolazzi memorial, with the shirt of Soundreef Siena against The Flexx Pistoia. “Gimbo” did not disfigure, far from a foreign body in the roster.

In the past he played in the youth teams between Osimo and Ancona, before trying his hand at the high jump. The following year he was called by the Lega Basket as testimonial of the Super Cup which was held in Brescia. In 2019 appeared on the parquet of Urania Basket Milano. In the same year in Romagna he had demonstrated his talents by participating in a 3×3 charity tournament organized together with friends and athletes.


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