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As in Silverstone, so in Budapest. Also in Hungary the real race of Max Verstappen it lasted the time of a lap, or rather of a curve in this case. Indeed, the Dutch Red Bull driver was rammed at the start from the McLaren of Lando Norris, guilty as it was also hit by the Mercedes by Valtteri Bottas. The Finn – along with Lance Stroll – was the real architect of Curva-1’s initial chaos. Red Bull # 33 probably should have retired immediately without the intervention of the red flag. Verstappen, on the other hand, was able to start again at re-start and incredibly, despite a car held together with adhesive tape, he managed to harpoon the tenth position at the end of the GP. This result earned him a small point in the world. Too little, however, to maintain the leadership of the championship. In fact, thanks to the third place finish, Lewis Hamilton has hoisted himself at the top of the overall ranking with six points of margin on the native of Hasselt.

Interviewed by the media after the race, Verstappen inevitably gave vent all his anger, especially blaming Valtteri Bottas. Do some exaggerate at the start? Well, Valtteri today made a huge bullshit – said the Red Bull driver a Sky Sport F1he braked too late and threw himself on Lando. Lando couldn’t do anything and then obviously he came on me. I think something noisy came out of his brain. Of those that stink “ he said again, in reference to the Finnish of Mercedes. A thought, that of Verstappen, also increased on German TV Sky Germany.

“It was obviously Valtteri’s fault – It reaffirmed – once again a Mercedes car. Obviously he went against Lando, but in the end he also rammed my car. After that I suffered a lot of damage to the car. I lost too much downforce. In the end I still managed to get a point “ he concluded. After the break there will be two Verstappen friendly tracks, at least at the public level: Belgium and its Netherlands. As a hare, the pilot orange now he has become a hunter: “I will try to recover [i punti persi] after the break, but the last two races have been completely shit “, he ruled.



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