Tommaso Zorzi: how are you doing with Stefania?

Tommaso Zorzi: how are you doing with Stefania?
Tommaso Zorzi: how are you doing with Stefania?

At Big Brother Vip loves and friendships were born and among the most famous ones there is certainly the one between Tommaso Zorzi and Stefania Orlando. The two immediately became accomplices but, to date, it seems that even between them things have cooled down.

In the fifth edition of the Big Brother Vip, concluded by some month, the Vipponi were closed in the house for about six months and in this long period they were born beautiful relationships among the competitors.

In addition to the love story born between Pierpaolo Pretelli and Giulia Salemi the Casa di Cinecittà has also seen the birth of great friendships, such as the one between Tommaso Zorzi and Stefania Orlando, which gave birth to a special relationship, similar to that between mother e son.

Their relationship really liked the audience who dubbed them “Zorlando” and, even once they left, the two have been dating for a long time. To today, however, things seem change; to tell the relation that binds them was precisely there blonde presenter.

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Stefania Orlando: how are things with Tommaso Zorzi?

Theirs report it had been essential to allow both of us to continuation and, in fact, the friendship between Stefania Orlando e Tommaso Zorzi gave strength and hope to both, even when the nostalgia home and stress were too much to continue.

In a recent interview to the weekly Vero, however, today the woman explained that things with the influencer have changed a bit.

“Zorzi? There’s a nice bond between us but being in different cities we don’t live a daily report “.

said the woman, who apparently can no longer attend the winner of the Big Brother Vip like before. Despite the distances divide them, however, affection that binds the two is great e honest.

“He won me over with his sensitivity, irony,open-mindedness, the big culture despite the young age. He has an important background, sometimes in the House I didn’t realize I was talking to a guy like that young. And then that look of his deep”.

has explained Stefania, happy to have met one bella person like him.

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