Car tax: arrears are canceled, reimbursements in Lombardy – Auto World

Car tax: arrears are canceled, reimbursements in Lombardy – Auto World
Car tax: arrears are canceled, reimbursements in Lombardy – Auto World

The procedure for cancel the arrears of the car tax for all motorists who have tax bills under 5 thousand euros, issued and unpaid between 2000 and 2010. This is a decision taken by the Draghi government as an amnesty, and established in the Sostegni Decree. The procedure for canceling the stamp will last until November 30, 2021.

On the starting day of the procedure, the Revenue Agency will register the tax codes of the taxpayers who have one of the most debts for the first decade of the century. After the relevant checks, debts and any unpaid car tax will be canceled. The Regions will receive the communication, given that the car tax is not considered as a national tax; while there are no direct communications to the taxpayer (although it is still possible to verify the position on the website of the Revenue Agency, obviously privately).

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The cancellation will be parallel, in Lombardy, to various discounts and reimbursements related to 2020, in particular for those who have had problems with the car used for work. This facility applies in particular to all commercial intermediaries who have not used the car due to lockdowns and driving bans, with consequent damage to their business. The reimbursement therefore relates to micro-enterprises duly registered with the Business Register for both four-wheeled vehicles and mopeds; taxi drivers, chauffeured rentals and bus drivers will also benefit. Finally, always the Lombardy Region has arranged a 15% discount for all owners of a vehicle who will agree to pay the car tax with a bank domiciliation.

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