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Weather, two disturbances arriving between 3 and 4 August

Weather, two disturbances arriving between 3 and 4 August
Weather, two disturbances arriving between 3 and 4 August

The African anticyclone it will resist in the southern regions also in the next few days, while the North will still suffer from unstable currents which will affect weather conditions at least until the middle of next week.

The weather trend for the next few days

Two disturbances will hit Italy between Tuesday 3 August and Wednesday 4. Especially the North is in the sights, which once again risks having to face phenomena of strong intensity and will experience a cooler than average climate. Instead, the intense heat in the South insists, in the grip of the hot African anticyclone.

In particular, Tuesday 3 August a first disturbance will break into our northern regions, determining unstable weather conditions throughout the industry. Rains and thunderstorms will first reach the North-West and then extend over practically all the northern regions, making them less likely only in Emilia Romagna. The clouds will also increase in part of the Center-South and some episodes of instability could also affect Sardinia, the south of Lazio, the Abruzzo Apennines and Molise. The sun will prevail in the far south and in Sicily, where the weather will still be hot, with maximum peaks locally above 40 degrees. The temperatures will drop instead in the areas affected by bad weather, and will be below average sespecially in the North-West.

Wednesday 4th August a new disrupted system will arrive: the North will again be in the crosshairs, and once again they will be possible locally intense phenomena. Towards the end of the day, isolated rainfall will also reach part of central Italy, while in the south and in Sicily the weather scene will remain dominated by the sun and extremely intense heat.
According to the weather trend, Wednesday will probably be the last hot day for our southern regions, which on Thursday should be reached by less hot currents.


Weather disturbances arriving August

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