Covid in Sicily, a positive woman gives birth and escapes from the hospital

Covid in Sicily, a positive woman gives birth and escapes from the hospital
Covid in Sicily, a positive woman gives birth and escapes from the hospital

After giving birth two days ago, tired of waiting for discharge from the hospital to be taken home with a biocontainment ambulance, the woman affected by Covid left the ward on her own legs with her husband, leaving the newborn at the grandmother and the stucco doctors. It happened in the Cervello obstetrics and gynecology department in Palermo, which specializes in the pregnancies of patients with the virus.

The asymptomatic woman, and ‘no vax’ according to some witnesses who heard her during hospitalization, gave birth without any problem, so much so that the doctors had put her out. He only had to wait for the delivery of the certificate and the ambulance, which in cases like these is sanitized every time it takes care of a positive patient.

According to what doctors and nurses say, the resignations had already been signed. But here’s the twist. The husband, without wearing a mask, yesterday managed to reach the entrance to the ward and his wife’s room via a secondary path. “I am positive and I can enter,” he would tell the nurses shocked by what was happening. The words of the ward doctors would have been worthless, who tried in every way to dissuade the man and prevent him from committing a nonsense. “They no longer had any intention of waiting – said doctors and nurses – they said that they had children at home waiting for them, they did not want to hear reasons”.

At that point, even managing to evade the vigilance, the husband took the woman by the arm and the two walked away under the astonished gaze of the doctors. The baby, who is well, was entrusted to the grandmother, who in the meantime tested negative for anti-Covid controls.

The incident was reported to the police who initiated investigations to reconstruct the story and assess any responsibility for the couple. The woman and her husband risk a culpable epidemic report. The police officers went to the house of the spouses, who were calm as if nothing had happened.

The newborn was discharged, as it was negative, and entrusted to the grandmother, in turn negative.

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