Mps-Unicredit, case becomes political: the Finance committees ask to hear Franco. The minister could report as early as Wednesday. The crux of Letta’s candidacy in Siena

The case of the Monte dei Paschi di Siena and of the acquisition negotiation by Unicredit breaks into the political scene. Saturday the group leaders Pd from Camera e Senate, Debora Serracchiani e SIMON Lighten as the deputy of LeU Stefano Fassina, Besides League, M5S e FdI, they asked the minister Daniele Franco to report to Parliament. On Sunday afternoon it emerged that the presidents of the Finance committees, Luigi Marattin (Iv) e Luciano D’Alfonso (Pd), they formalized the request to hear the minister already this week. And from the conference of the group leaders it emerged that Minister Franco has given his willingness to report, probably on Wednesday to the Finance Committees of the Chamber and Senate.

FdI he had asked that he be the Minister for Relations with Parliament Federico D’Incà to report in today’s session but the M5s exponent had postponed: “We do not give availability at the moment but we will try to be able to give an answer in the next call with the group leader conference”. Soon after Carla Ruocco announced that the commission of inquiry on banks could meet as early as tomorrow, to decide on the convocation of the Ministry of Economy on the matter. But sources from the Finance committees note on this that the commission “must investigate the past, not the future”.

I M5s senators of the Banking, Budget and Finance Commission in a note write: “We have already repeated it several times: the third banking group in the country cannot and must not be sold out. As M5s we reaffirm with conviction the need to protect the investment of the state, which in any case holds the majority stake in the institute. The bank is now functioning: it is evident, however, that it still pays unfortunate choices of the past. The scenarios that are gradually emerging are rather bleak, and the government has not indicated a clear will for the future. We urgently requested the convening of the Bureau of the Banking Commission in order to be able to trace a clear path and, if necessary, to audit Minister Franco and the other members of the government who are dealing with the dossier. We ask to understand what will move the upcoming choices, but we want steps free from opacity“.

The League, with the economic manager Alberto Bagnai and the deputy Giulio Centemero, announces for his part that in question time he will ask “the quantification of the direct and indirect costs for the tax authorities from the negotiation proposal discussed in the media. This request is accompanied by that of hearing the minister in the classroom on the general context of the negotiation “. The government tries to temper the climate, ensuring the utmost commitment to protect the jobs – but there is talk of 6 thousand redundancies on a voluntary basis – and the brand Mps.

The story of Monte dei Paschi obviously crosses with the supplementary elections of October a Siena. The secretary dem Enrico Letta runs for the seat that was the former minister Pier Carlo Padoan, now president of Unicredit. And he hinted that in case of defeat he will resign. This is also why the center-right attacks. “Monte dei Paschi di Siena, no to stew”, writes the leader of the League in a note Matteo Salvini. “And the sale is unthinkable. The League has 4 objectives: defense of jobs, because 6,000 redundancies are unthinkable as assumed. Second: defense of bank branches, especially in municipalities and smaller towns. Third: defense of the historic brand of the oldest bank in the world. Fourth: creation of the third Italian banking center, bringing other Emilian, Ligurian or Apulian institutions closer to Mps (directed by the State) in order to transform MPS into the Banca dei Territori, leaving Intesa and UniCredit the role of major players “. “I add”, continues Salvini, “that in Siena the citizens will vote for the parliamentary seat on 3 October because the deputy of the PD (Padoan) has resigned to become the president of UniCredit. Does it seem normal to you? ”.

The Pd secretary reassures: “I knew about the risks” linked to Mps but “to refuse would have meant desert, in a complex moment. I have faith in Draghi and in the government “. But he says no to the stew hypothesis that it would be “punitive towards the territory“. As for the controversy surrounding Padoan, he comments: “Your candidacy is the daughter of another story of Pd, the one finished in 2018. And his next choices are individual“.

The crux of Letta’s candidacy in Siena – The Pd secretary is a candidate for the supplementary work of the Tuscan city now president of Unicredit. Letta, who in the coming days will be in the 35 municipalities of the college, intends to carefully monitor the affair, committing itself to supporting the workers, to protect the brand and the unity of the group. Between senior executives there are also those who turn up their noses for “the excessive ease” with which the former Minister of Economy passed “from Mef al Parliament as a candidate to Siena and now to lead the bank undertaking the purchase initiative of Mps“. “Letta is not the type to do passing the buck – the same sources add – but it is undeniable that that was the Pd Renziano and that between the current secretary and Padoan there have never been relationships “. Instead, the coordinator of Italia viva defends Padoan Maria Elena Boschi than in an interview on The print argues that it “averted the disaster” of MPS and those responsible for the bank’s troubles are to be found rather in the “inspirations of the strange agreements with Bank 121 and the Dalemian world in Puglia, until the unfortunate operation Antonveneta“.

The center-right, meanwhile, does not let go: “We need to intervene in Parliament on the monstrous conflict of interest Unicredit-Pd-Monte dei Paschi di Siena – attacks Maurizio Gasparri – The Tuscan bank has already cost Italian citizens millions and millions. The Tuscan bank was the site of the branded scandals Pci-Pds-Pd“. “We hope that the Minister Franco come and report to the competent committees – however, the group leader dem Lighten e Serracchiani – It is imperative that the Parliament is involved in its appropriate venues “. Galeazzo Bignami, a deputy of the Brothers of Italy, suggests asking for “a derogation in the EU to exceed the deadline for leaving the state from Mps, set at 31 December 2021 ″ and avoid “neutralizing the risks of exposure for Unicredit with a commitment of over 10 billion by the state ”.

Job cuts – As for the estimate of labor unions of 5000-6000 redundancies resulting from the operation, ministerial sources underline that it is completely premature to make such an assessment not knowing which assets would be involved in the operation (so far only non-performing loans and litigation have been excluded). The crisis of Mps it is not of today – it is recalled – but the government’s commitment is to protect not only the jobs but also the brand Mps, of historical and economic value. Furthermore, out of the possible agreement with Unicredit, the executive is already studying interventions to protect the economy of the Sienese territory and sectors in difficulty for some time.

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