“I had to take a breath, something unimaginable”

“I had to take a breath, something unimaginable”
“I had to take a breath, something unimaginable”

After the Europei, l’Italy keep dreaming with the two golds of Lamont Marcell Jacobs e Gianmarco Tamberi. Jacobs today is entered the history of the sport italiano for having been the first sky blue to run an Olympic 100-meter final. In doing so, the sample recorded the record European for 9”84 and the second Italian record. But not only. In the 100m final, Marcell became the fastest man in the world by grabbing theoro. But that’s not all for Italy. From Tokyo 2020 another super news has arrived: Gianmarco Tamberi gold in high jump. “Gimbo“flew and took home a medal that is worth more than gold. Precisely for this reason it must be remembered that this milestone was reached 5 years after that terrible injury that had kept him away from Rio 2016. Everything seems to smell of retaliation e revenge. The two Olympic champions thrilled the whole of our country, especially the journalist Riccardo Cucchi who, via Twitter wrote: “I had to catch my breath. I couldn’t even pick up the phone. For those who have talked about athletics, and I had this privilege, it is something unimaginable. Jacobs Tamberi. It is epic. It is an epic of sport. “

Tokyo 2020, Italy in history: Jacobs gold in the 100 meters

Tokyo 2020, Italy show: Tamberi is gold in the high jump



breath unimaginable

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