“Stop mediating with the violent

Sunday 1 August 2021 – 10:58

Tav, Fsp Polizia: “Just mediate with the violent

“From the State a firm line. Yes to the law on street terrorism”

Rome, 1 Aug. (askanews) – “Yesterday in Val di Susa yet another very serious attack not against the construction site, but against the police. In the areas of the Tav yards, acts are repeated that are nothing but terrorist attacks. And the country cannot mediate in any way with terrorists ”. So stated in a note Valter Mazzetti, general secretary of the FSP Police.

“The time has come – adds Mazzetti – to put aside all hypocrisy, and have the firmness to manage this situation as necessary, starting by calling with one’s name the paraterrorist guerrilla actions that continually jeopardize general security, and the safety of those sent to serve in these places, to defend a work that the State has decided to carry out. In these areas we have seen everything, from nails on the motorway to bombs and armed expeditions ”.

“These are actions against the State, against citizens, against all workers engaged in a work desired by those who have the competence but not the authority to support it, and this in practice means danger for everyone, and above all direct actions against the police put there to be massacred. We are tired of a certain comfortable inertia which, as usual, abandons all the risks and consequences of any type of outburst or retaliation on the shoulders of the operators without guaranteeing us the means and strategies to defend ourselves adequately ”, explains the police unionist.

We – Mazzetti continues – “we want the law on street terrorism, which in this as in other situations goes to hunt down and repress actions perpetrated against the State but subtly ‘disguised’ as protests that in no case can be admitted. Today, if the state is unable or unwilling to put us in a position to defend ourselves and others, then have the courage to stop this game of massacre, admitting that to carry out a project the country needs the approval of a handful of criminals who intend to prevail with violence “.


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Stop mediating violent

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