Coin with Dante? This version is worth over € 2,000

01Check at home right away: if you had such a piece, you’d be giving yourself a huge gift all of a sudden. Here’s how to recognize this special version

To see Dante Alighieri on coins, today, it is practically a foregone conclusion considering that the supreme peota is the official symbol of the version to be 2 euro. However, what not everyone will remember is that the Tuscan writer was also the face of a previous currency before the new era and continental interconnection arrived.

Let’s talk about the old 500 lire, that is a piece that those who are a few years older will certainly remember and that they have handled over and over again over the years. The reference is not to any version of this coin, but to a much more specific variant: the 500 lire ‘proof’ of 1965. The ‘proof’ coins, in general, are pieces used precisely as initial prototypes and which have paved the way for a new era. And these, often and willingly, reach very important figures.

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Do you remember the old 500 lire with Dante Alighieri?

An example comes from Numismatica Varesina, a site specialized precisely for the purchase and sale of rare coins, which fixes the specimen in the photo at the figure of 2.199 euro really. Made of silver, having an identical piece of the same kind – really the same and not all the other versions apparently similar but different – would make you an unforgettable gift.


Coin Dante version worth

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