imminent divorce with Albert of Monaco. Ready the new life – Time

imminent divorce with Albert of Monaco. Ready the new life – Time
imminent divorce with Albert of Monaco. Ready the new life – Time

Infidelity, a distant court, pressing royal obligations and a great feeling of loneliness. These are the reasons behind Charlene Wittstock’s prolonged stay in South Africa, the country where Albert of Monaco’s wife has been since last March. And a return to the Principality is currently not on the agenda. According to the German weekly Bunte, the princess is “thinking about divorce” and is looking for a new home in Johannesburg: the former swimmer’s goal is to find a job, founding a new company with self-taught millionaire Colleen Glaeser.

Charlene tried to silence the rumors about gossip, but her words do not seem to have the right strength, also because two small children – Jacques and Gabriella – who have not seen their mother for months are waiting for her: “I’ll go home, but not before October after having undergone another operation. I was supposed to stay 10 or 12 days, but unfortunately I had a problem, the doctors told me that it was a rather serious infection and that it takes time to heal. I cannot force the times and therefore I will have to stay here until the end of October ”. Charlene of Monaco’s ordeal is due to an infectious complication that emerged following a sinus lift operation for the insertion of a dental implant.

A source close to the couple, however, tried to put out the fire: “She will never leave her children.” So despite the malaise, perhaps the marriage could be saved. Paris Match, for the signature of Stéphane Bern, the greatest expert on royal families, underlines instead that the problems of the princess do not derive from the husband-wife relationship between Alberto and Charlene, but in the way she is welcomed by the Grimaldi family. The change of look and the new very aggressive haircut represented the straw that broke the camel’s back: “It was a gesture full of good will, but she immediately felt judged and misunderstood. So it closed to protect itself ”. Many now speak of a sad Charlene and “her fits of anger, her moody mood, as changeable as her haircuts”. There is no peace within the European royal families.

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imminent divorce Albert Monaco Ready life Time

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