the most ‘fashion’ of all arrives

Dancing with the Stars is refining its parterre of competitors, and comes a name that makes everyone tremble, they will be sparks

source: Instagram profile

Federico Fashion Style is the top of hairdressers! Esteemed professional in the sector, he never misses an opportunity to make jokes and make his customers laugh, demonstrating all his cheerful and irreverent temperament!

Federico Lauri, aka Federico Fashion Style, was born in Anzio, born in 1989. From an early age, at just 5 years old he showed his greatest passion: hair! Already at an early age he enjoyed styling his mother’s hair, until growing up he reached full awareness of his dream, become a successful hair stylist!

Federico Fashion Style is not like all the others hairdressers. Lately, interesting news about his future work have been circulating. It is unique in its kind, bubbly and fresh, it is a panacea for the hair and mental health of its very loyal customers. In the series aired on Real Time call The Hall of Wonders, the public can get to know him more deeply, especially for his way of interacting.

He knows how to advise his customers, always giving them the best result! A very evident quality, also because it is now back from a great success: has a new shop in the hills of Vomero in Naples!

Milestones and career continuations are not lacking, also because just made a statement that drove the fans crazy!

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Federico Fashion Style at Dancing with the Stars!

source: Instagram profile

Talented hairdresser and confidant of secrets, how can you do without him? Great friend of VIPs of the caliber of Valeria Marini, his loyal customer, and also the most talked about influencer of the moment, Giulia de Lellis. Recently protagonist of a detail that has not gone unnoticed by fans, he makes himself heard again.

Federico loves being in the spotlight, charismatic and photogenic, he can only be in favor of participating in successful programs. One of these is the highly anticipated one Dancing with the Stars!

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He himself stated: “If I can dance at least half as much as I can cut hair? Time will tell. If I go to Dancing with the Stars you will find out! “. No doubt he would also like to be a competitor of the Big Brother Vip, but nothing is certain.

What is safe is that Federico is unstoppable, if it is seen on television it can only be one of the most anticipated and most loved competitors!

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