Which regions are running out of vaccines against Covid and when will the new doses arrive

The Regions continue to receive reservations, in the wake of the mandatory green pass that will start next week, but in some cases there is great concern about the doses of vaccine against Covid: there are those who have almost run out of vials and are starting to postpone appointments, while General Figliuolo ensures extra doses of Pfizer from the third week of August.

The objective of the government and of General Figliuolo is vaccinate everyone as soon as possible, but the Regions are starting to seriously worry about the quantity of doses being delivered. With the introduction of the mandatory green pass for a long list of activities from 6 August, the rush to download it and, consequently, to get vaccinated started. The boom in requests, which was concentrated mainly in the first days after Draghi’s announcement, puts pressure on the Regions, with presidents asking the government and the extraordinary commissioner to increase deliveries so as not to go into serious trouble during the coming weeks. .

Which regions have almost run out of doses of the Covid vaccine

Scrolling through the government data on the vaccination campaign we understand the concerns of the Regions: some more, some less, all are running out of stocks. New deliveries should arrive this week, between Tuesday and Wednesday, but the feeling is that of floating. If it is true that in recent days, as promised by General Figliuolo, the threshold of 500 thousand daily administrations has almost always been reached, it is also true that some of the most populous regions, such as Lombardy, are progressively reducing the number of daily injections. Reservations, in fact, are delayed over time, pending new loads of doses of vaccine against Covid. There are Regions close to having used 100% of the doses that have been delivered: Lombardy is at 99% and there are just over 120 thousand doses left; Veneto is 97.1% and has about 160 thousand doses left; Lazio is at 96.5% and has just under 250 thousand doses left. Most of the Regions have more than 95% of the vaccines used: an excellent result, which however puts the issue of supplies in the foreground.

Data doses administered and delivered by Region on 1st August

General Figliuolo says extra doses of Pfizer will arrive

This morning the general Figliuolo wanted to clarify all the doubts of the Regions and citizens who, at this point, are in a hurry to get vaccinated against Covid: “The vaccination campaign is proceeding continuously, with an average of more than 500 thousand administrations per day and will be able to count on the availability of further doses of Pfizer vaccine, starting from the third week of August.“, let the commissioner know. How were the extra doses of the mRna vaccine obtained? Simple:”This additional supply was requested and obtained during talks between the Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, and the President of the EU Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, centered on the availability of vaccines and the redistribution between EU countries.“. From the structure led by the general they emphasize that”the Italians who completed the vaccination cycle against Covid exceeded 32.4 million, a figure equal to 60% of the population to be vaccinated made up of citizens over the age of 12 “. For Figliuolo this is” an important milestone that confirms the validity of the plan“and ensures:”The result represents an important step towards community immunity, which is expected by the end of September, with the completion of the vaccination cycle by 80% of the audience to be vaccinated.“.

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