Francesco Pantaleo: did you talk to anyone before you died? Sieve cameras

Francesco Pantaleo: did you talk to anyone before you died? Sieve cameras
Francesco Pantaleo: did you talk to anyone before you died? Sieve cameras

Pisa, 1 August 2021 – Who did Francesco Pantaleo talk to, what did Francesco Pantaleo do before he died of charring? Is it a voluntary act or is there more? These are the questions that public opinion and even more investigators ask themselves and to which they try to find a solution. The case of the Sicilian student of Marsala (Trapani), found lifeless in a field in the area of San Giuliano Terme, far from the Pisan capital. Why did he make that journey? To give answers, the many cameras scattered along the path that the boy has made up to the place of death are sifted through. The boy was found dead on July 25. The carabinieri of the Pisa investigative unit are investigating.

Who the student spoke to

Perhaps the young man may have met and talked to someone and any testimony can become decisive at this stage of the investigation. The area is abundantly covered by cameras, at least up to the threshold of the countryside where the body was found.

Seized the room of Francesco Pantaleo

In the meantime, his bedroom was also seized in the apartment, not far from the computer engineering faculty to which he was enrolled, which he shared with two other tenant roommates like him. The student’s parents are in Pisa both to contribute to the investigations and to await the return of the body to celebrate the funeral in Marsala.

The times of the story

Video analysis is crucial in trying to give the story a temporal horizon. Francesco Pantaleo was untraceable from the morning of Saturday 24 July but the body was identified only the following day, around 19, by chance. Did he die right away or did he wander for over 24 hours? The corpse was without shoes and the field borders a rather deep ditch that it is not easy to overcome, especially for those who are not a regular visitor to these campaigns

Francesco remained in Pisa during the lockdown

Francesco Pantaleo had chosen to stay in Tuscany also in the months of the lockdown and university lessons with distance learning methods (Dad), instead of opting, like many, when returning to Sicily, with family members. This is what emerges from investigative circles and also on this aspect – his choice of stay in Pisa, where he lived in rent, unlike most of the other university students during Covid – the investigators’ activity is concentrated to try to explain what happened and unravel the mystery of his death.

The autopsy

An autopsy will be performed on Tuesday, an examination considered a fundamental point to direct investigations and clarify the causes of death which for now remain shrouded in mystery. Near the corpse no traces of fuel and containers were found and his body, “heavily charred”, as revealed by the coroner, had no obvious wounds other than those caused by the effect of the flames.

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Francesco Pantaleo talk died Sieve cameras

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