California risks running out of bacon

01 August 2021 19:37

Alarm in restaurants after animal welfare law goes into effect: in Los Angeles state only 4% of farms exceed required standards

California is a major consumer of pork belly: within the state of Los Angeles they consume about 15% of the national total. And of these 115 million kilograms of pork that are eaten every month in restaurants, only 45 kilograms (less than 40%) come from internal state farms.

This further tightening could result in a significant shortage in the kitchen, which would lead to an inevitable increase in prices. “We are very concerned about the impact on supplies,” said Matt Sutton of the California Restaurant Association. And it has its reasons: the estimates speak of a price increase of up to 60%.

The California Association of American Pig Producers has once again asked the administration for help in adapting to the new regulations. The question and answer, in fact, has been going on since 2018, when the law was voted by a large majority in a referendum.

The last hope for bacon lovers is in the hands of Governor Gavin Newson who, also in view of the upcoming November elections, could decide to meet the demands of the category.


California risks running bacon

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