Hail in Pordenone and bad weather in Veneto: trees felled by the wind and damage

Damage caused by hail, which has reached dimensions comparable to the palm of a hand (Facebook, Fire Brigade)

The weather warning continues in Veneto. Heavy thunderstorms of the night caused wind damage – con open roofs and felled trees -, from precipitation and hail, including some landslides and damage to affected cars. But at the moment the wake of bad weather has not caused any injuries.

In Belluno

In the Belluno area, there have been over 50 interventions by the firefighters who have been operating in the province of Belluno since 10 pm yesterday, Saturday 31 July due to bad weather. The municipalities of Cesiomaggiore, the Feltrino area and Borgo Val Belluna, limited to Lentiai. At the moment there are no injuries to report, but only damage to cars and homes, as well as telephone and electrical lines failures due to falling plants.

Boom in requests for interventions

The requests for intervention, in fact, mainly concern the removal of trees and branches that have fallen on the roads, or the safety of uncovering houses and landslides. Interventions now nearing completion. In the municipality of Cortina, near the Cimabanche pass, the land gave way, obstructing the road, which has already been cleared. And problems were also recorded on the Giralba, in the municipality of Auronzo di Cadore. A Lentiai, in the hamlet of Ronchena in the municipality of Borgo Val Belluna, the spire of the bell tower of the local church fell and damaged a car parked near the rectory.

In Friuli

Instability, showers, high intensity phenomena will continue to affect, on Sunday 1 August, not only the Dolomite sector but also the lowland areas. On Sunday morning, extreme weather events occurred in the eastern Treviso area, where large hailstorms hit. A strong storm, on the border with the Pordenone area, brought an impressive hail, which even reached the size of the palm of a hand. Azzano Decimo e Veneto River.

In the mountains

That between Saturday and Sunday was also a night of intervention by the Alpine Rescue of the Val di Zoldo, in the Belluno area. Between rain, hail and low temperatures. Around 10 pm the Alpine Rescue was alerted for five hikers from Rimini, between 18 and 23 years old, got stuck on the Tivan path, on Mount Civetta. They had delayed in the descent of the normal route and found themselves in the dark, having difficulty in reaching the Coldai refuge, where they would have had to spend the night. The team of rescuers left under the storm and a heavy hail e he led the chilled group to the shelter.

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