19 – Lazio at risk of the yellow zone. Hope: “60% of Italians vaccinated, there is confidence”. Israel, the new wave does not subside. Brazil, lower figures after 6 months. Florida, daily case record

19 – Lazio at risk of the yellow zone. Hope: “60% of Italians vaccinated, there is confidence”. Israel, the new wave does not subside. Brazil, lower figures after 6 months. Florida, daily case record
19 – Lazio at risk of the yellow zone. Hope: “60% of Italians vaccinated, there is confidence”. Israel, the new wave does not subside. Brazil, lower figures after 6 months. Florida, daily case record

The Coronavirus emergency continues to give no respite not only in Italy, but throughout the planet. As usual, the Ministry of Health shared the bulletin containing the updates relating to the spread of COVID-19 in Italy. I’m 5.321 the new infections, while the victims in the last 24 hours are 5. The positivity rate is equal to 3,17%. COVID-19 patients are on the rise in intensive care wards (+16) and hospitalized with symptoms in the ordinary wards (+119). Vocegiallorossa.it will update you LIVE with all the main news.

20:50 – Cuba today marked a new record day for the number of infections and deaths from Covid-19, from the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020. This was announced by the Cuban Ministry of Health in Havana. In their latest daily report, Cuban health authorities reported having registered 9,747 new infections, which raised the overall budget to 394,343, and the death of 87 people for a total of 2,845 deaths. At the forefront of scientific research having developed five vaccines against Covid-19, two of which (Soberana2 and Abdala) have reached phase 3 of experimentation, Cuba has enormous difficulties, due to the embargo and the US unilateral sanctions, to procure essential medical supplies to strengthen the immunization of its population

20:20 – “The vaccination campaign is proceeding and will continue regularly, there has been no interruption and there will be no in the next few days. The hacker attack failed to stop Lazio’s vaccination campaign“. The commissioner of the Lazio to Health and Social and Health Integration, Alessio D’Amato. “I thank all our operators who are working hard to guarantee all the administrations – he added – Those who are booked can easily go to the vaccination centers. I thank Commissioner Figliuolo for the availability he has given us in guaranteeing support in the transfer of flows into the national vaccination registry. We will not stop in the face of this attack “.

19:50 – The general and extraordinary commissioner for the emergency confirmed that the Italians who have already received both doses are more than 32.4 million: “The vaccination campaign is proceeding continuously, with an average of more than 500,000 doses per day”.

19:15 – Thousands of young people attended an abusive party in a former sugar refinery in the province of Bologna. In RiminiInstead, hundreds gathered in the countryside and were turned away by the police. Law enforcement blitz also a Ercolano to stop a party at an altitude of one thousand on Vesuvius.

18:20 – More than two out of three Apulians, to be precise 70.8% of the residents who can be vaccinated (over 12), born to over 2.5 million people, received at least one dose of anti-Covid serum; 57.7% completed the vaccination cycle. There are still just over one million (29.2%) citizens who have not yet received the vaccine. This is what emerges from the report of the Ministry of Health.

17:44 – Today’s numbers.

Currently positive: 91.350
Deceased: 128.068 (+5)
Resigned/Healed: 4.135.930 (+1.250)
Hospitalized: 2,184 (+119) • of which in Intensive Care: 230 (+16)
Swabs: 77.711.955 (+167.761)

Total cases: 4.355.348 (+5.321, +0,12%)

17:27 – According to what Sky TG 24 writes, Sardinia, Sicily and Lazio are at risk of the yellow zone.

15:34 – In mainland China yesterday they were reported 53 new cases of Covid-19 with local transmission. This was announced today by the National Health Commission in the usual daily bulletin.

14:13 – Admitted to the children’s hospital Meyer of Florence, a 26-day-old baby girl who tested positive for Covid, transmitted by parents who were still waiting to receive the first dose of the vaccine. According to The Tyrrhenian Sea, which reports the story, the girl would be in the intensive care unit with a helmet that allows her to breathe. From the Meyer hospital they confirm that the little girl is in intensive care but only as a precaution and that her conditions are stationary.

13:54 – The new wave of Covid that has afflicted Israel since the beginning of July shows no sign of stopping. In the last 24 hours, two thousand new positive cases have been recorded on about 70 thousand swabs. For the first time in several months, the positivity rate exceeded the 3 percent mark. In this climate of growing concern, the appeal of the government addressed to over sixty-year-olds (already vaccinated with two doses for over five months) to immediately take a third dose was welcomed with enthusiasm.

13:29 – Four doctors all vaccinated tested positive at the Cervello hospital in Palermo. The doctors were placed in home isolation. They are all asymptomatic. In some cases, family members of doctors working in the hospital’s Covid ward also tested positive. At the moment, out of 32 hospitalized in the Covid ward of the hospital, 30 are unvaccinated.

13:04 – “To prevent students from being confined at home to a new distance learning cycle when the school year resumes, vaccination must be compulsory for everyone: students, teachers and school staff. He is convinced of this. Agostino Miozzo, former coordinator of the Scientific Technical Committee that in an interview with The print he says he is “in favor of the Green Pass as an absolute incentive for vaccination”, even at school.

12:49 – They were hundreds of young people who met up in the Rimini countryside last night, to participate in a real abusive party, interrupted around 11.30 pm by the intervention of the local police of Rimini.

12:20 – “We ask users for patience, these are criminals who wanted to attack on an important day because today Lazio exceeded 70 percent with a double dose. It is significant that the attack took place right at midnight on August 1”. The regional councilor for health of Lshareholder Alessio D’Amato.

11:54 – In the last 24 hours the Russia recorded 22,804 new Covid cases and 789 deaths caused by the virus. The country therefore remains above the threshold of 700 daily deaths. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 6,288,677 infections have been detected and 159,352 deaths.

11:29 – “60% of the vaccinable Italian population has completed their cycle. It is a first important result that allows us to look to the future with greater confidence. We must continue on this path because it is precisely with vaccines that we can better protect ourselves and others. . Thanks to all the men and women of the National Health Service who have worked hard towards this goal. ” The health minister said on Facebook Roberto Speranza.

11:01 – 3,058 new COVI-19 cases registered in the last 24 hours a Tokyo, where the Olympic Games are held these days. On Saturday, for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, infections in the Japanese capital had exceeded 4,000, reaching 4,058 to be exact. The previous record was set Thursday with 3,865 cases

10:34 – “A powerful hacker attack is in progress on the regional ced. The systems are all deactivated, including all those of the Salute Lazio portal and the vaccination network. All defense and verification operations are in progress to avoid the continuation of the inefficiencies. related to vaccinations may be delayed. We apologize for the inconvenience beyond our control. ” It communicates it the COVID-19 Crisis Unit of the Lazio Region.

10:10 – Hundreds of Israelis took to the streets of Tel Aviv to protest against the new anti-COVID-19 restrictions launched in the face of an increase in cases and hospitalizations, despite the fact that almost 60% of the 9.3 million inhabitants have completed the vaccination cycle . The increase in infections, observes the Guardian, is undoubtedly a setback for the country. The Minister of Health, Nitzan Horowitz, reported that 2,435 new cases have been registered – the highest number since March – almost all referable to the much more contagious Delta variant.

09:53 – A country that is growing at the pace with which Italy is growing needs a public administration “to the fullest of its potential”. For this it is necessary that “in September we return to work in the presence”. Renato Brunetta is convinced of this and, in an interview with The sun 24 hours, outlines the revolution taking place in the public sector.

09:26 – The Italians who have completed the vaccination cycle against COVID-19 have exceeded 32.4 million, a figure equal to 60% of the audience to be vaccinated made up of citizens over the age of 12. Thus the structure of the commissioner Francesco Figliuolo. It is, the general underlines, “an important milestone that confirms the validity of the plan implemented through the synergy between Regions / Autonomous Provinces, public and private bodies, Civil Protection, Defense and the world of voluntary associations”.

09:00 – The Brazil recorded 37,582 new cases and 910 deaths associated with Coronavirus on the last day of July, with the lowest daily weekly mean of infections of the year and deaths of less than 1,000, according to official data released by the government. From the first infection, on February 26, 2020, and from the first death, on March 12 of the same year, both in Sao Paulo, the country now adds 19,917,855 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and totals 556,370 deaths. The Ministry of Health, in its latest epidemiological bulletin, indicated that between Friday and Saturday there was a decrease in the number of infected people (-8.12%) and a reduction in the number of daily deaths (-5.50%) compared to to the previous 24 hours. According to the report, in the nation of over 210 million inhabitants, 18,619,542 patients have been healed from the new Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, which represents 93.5% of the total number of infected people. Another 741,943 patients are under medical supervision in hospitals or their residences after testing positive for clinical tests.

08:40 The Florida recorded 21,638 new cases of COVID-19 yesterday, Saturday, the highest number since the pandemic began in March 2020, as reported by the State Department of Health to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) . The previous daily record was 19,334 cases announced on January 7, 2021, the worst month of the entire pandemic in Florida, which is currently the epicenter of the disease in the United States. The average number of new confirmed cases per day in Florida over the past 7 days is 15,818.

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