Reform of justice, former Colletti’s appeal to M5S deputies: “Do not accept threats of expulsion”. Then the chorus “Honesty, honesty”

At the Camera the preliminary questions of the constitutionality of the justice reform are being discussed, interventions by opposition groups follow one another in the Chamber. The former pentastellato Andrea Colletti (There is an alternative) he addresses his former colleagues: “Today and tomorrow are the days of irrevocable decisions, you have to decide if you want to be equal to the parties you have always fought or if you want to sell off your conscience and dignity for the seats of the few leaders of the was 5 Star Movement. Colleagues, do not accept the threat of expulsion, we have already been there. You should fulfill your mandate with dignity and honor. With your vote you avoid being accomplices of the impunity of corrupt, corrupt and mafia “. After the speech, the deputies of the group first showed signs, removed by the House clerks, then the “Honesty, honesty” chorus rose.

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Reform justice Collettis appeal M5S deputies accept threats expulsion chorus Honesty honesty

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