changed the Honda engine to Verstappen who remains third

changed the Honda engine to Verstappen who remains third
changed the Honda engine to Verstappen who remains third

Red Bull does not want to leave any stone unturned in an attempt to counter the supremacy of Mercedes which at the end of qualifying placed two W12s in front of the Dutch driver, with Lewis Hamilton on pole and Valtteri Bottas next to him in the front row.

After a careful analysis of the telemetry data, Honda technicians advised Milton Keynes’s team to replace Max’s power unit RA621 H number 2 which showed some anomalous values. The Japanese had given the ok to use the unit that at Silverstone had suffered the impact of Verstappen at the Copse corner after the accident on the first lap in free practice for the GP of Hungary.

The checks carried out in the Sakura Research Center had avoided any problem on the Dutchman’s engine who, on the other hand, showed some fatigue in qualifying, paying for an evident difference in performance from Lewis Hamilton’s power unit.

Verstappen at the speed trap was caught at 303.8 km / h, a couple of kilometers less than the Englishman’s Mercedes, despite having a decidedly more exhaustive aerodynamic set-up than that of the W12.

Max, therefore, will line up at the start with unit 3, the last that can be used without going into penalties: in the fight for the title it is not good news for Verstappen that he may have to resort to a fourth engine (with penalty ) to complete the season if Powertrain 2 ends its life cycle.

The qualifying telemetry highlights how the Honda engine was less performing at higher revs than the Mercedes

Photo by: Matteo Bobbi


changed Honda engine Verstappen remains

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