injured, evacuated to tens-

injured, evacuated to tens-
injured, evacuated to tens-
from Alessio Ribaudo

The flames are ravaging the stretch of coast and threatening homes. The current budget is 5 hospitalized and about forty disabled people with disabilities. The mayor: “It’s a disaster of unimaginable proportions.” The Pescara Public Prosecutor’s Office has opened a file

The momentary balance of the terrible fire that struck there is five injured, transported to the hospital Dannunziana Reserve of Pescara. The triggers, probably three, started at 13 and the flames licked the houses in the southern area of ​​the city between the Vallelunga ditch, via Scarfoglio and via Terra Vergine. Among the hospitalized there are also a girl and two nuns who reside in a facility affected by the fire and reported poisoning after inhaling smoke. To treat others with mild respiratory problems, a rescue point, managed by the 118, was opened at the port. “A structure with 40 disabled people was also evacuated – explains Antonio Zaffiri, president of the Province – it was touched by flames, they breathed smoke but now they are fine”. Zaffiri then added that “the“ Benedetto Croce ”middle school went up in flames, but obviously there was no one there as well as a car wrecker and cars in the Alcyone Village caught fire and there were several explosions”.

The evacuation

In the area of ​​the fire, the fear of the residents is great and it is all a great coming and going of firefighters and 118 ambulances. Moreover, the flames are very high and the picture is alarming: hundreds of men of all are at work the forces of law and order as well as helicopters and Canadair who are trying to reduce and delimit the line of fire with their launches. “A disaster of unimaginable proportions. We had to evacuate several homes and even bathing establishments due to the smoke and lapilli – confirms the mayor Carlo Masci – and we are working with all the men available. The main opponent is the hot wind. The fire brigade helicopter is trying to limit the damage ».

The fires

The fires in the city arrived while the firefighters and civil protection were concentrated on intervening in the province. In the morning, in fact, the tongues of fire had developed from a gully and, due to the wind, enveloped the woods of Piano D’Orta, in the Bolognano area. The Pescara firefighters have been working for hours on the Colle San Bartolomeo front, so extensive that two helicopters and a Canadair are also at work. “In Abruzzo there is a fire emergency – says Massimo Verrecchia, head secretariat of the presidency of the Abruzzo council – and the Region, directly and through the prefectures, has asked Rome for means and resources. There are open fronts in every province ».

I dubbi

So many different triggers, in the same macro-area, are they pure and simple coincidences or a strategy of the arsonists who were waiting for the arrival of favorable winds to start the fires?

The investigation

Doubts that evidently also feeds the prosecutor of Pescara which has opened a file on the very serious fire that hit the southern area of ​​the city. The trigger points could have been three different and in the evening, as soon as the conditions allow it, the public prosecutor Anna Benigni will carry out an inspection in which Anna Maria Mantini who is currently the acting head of the prosecutor’s office could also participate.

The Pinewood

The Pineta Dannunziana is a reserve, established in 2000, which extends for about 53 hectares. In a small strip of natural area, in an urban context of 35 hectares, it hosts numerous species of vertebrate animals with 107 species of birds, 14 mammals, 11 amphibians and reptiles, as well as various species of fish. In the twentieth century, it became a place of identification for the citizens of Pescara and the personalities of the time gathered under its pines, including the poet and writer Gabriele D’Annunzio. The Pineta di Pescara took the name of Dannunziana after the historical representation of the “Daughter of Iorio” took place in 1912.

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