Vaccini, Financial Times: “Pfizer and Moderna have raised prices for the European Union: + 25% and + 10% after phase 3 tests”

Vaccini, Financial Times: “Pfizer and Moderna have raised prices for the European Union: + 25% and + 10% after phase 3 tests”
Vaccini, Financial Times: “Pfizer and Moderna have raised prices for the European Union: + 25% and + 10% after phase 3 tests”

Pfizer e Modern they ask higher prices to supply the EU with another 2.1 billion doses of Covid vaccine between now and 2023. The new ones foresee it contracted signed this year with Brussels, renegotiated after phase three tests have shown that vaccines a mRNA they have one greater effectiveness compared to the cheaper serums developed by Oxford-AstraZeneca e Johnson&Johnson. To reveal it is the Financial Times, which was able to examine the agreements. The new price for vaccines Pfizer is 19.50 euros against the 15.50 of the previous supply while that of Modern instead rises to $ 25.50 per serving, above the $ 22.60 of the previous deal but less than the $ 28.50 initially expected after the order was expanded.

Basically, Pfizer increased the price by more than 25% e Modern by more than 10%. The Financial Times (Ft) points out that requests for doses for the recalls and the diffusion of new ones variants support the request of the most effective products. According to an official close to the negotiations, quoted by the Financial Times, societies have exploited the lotus market power and used the “usual rhetoric of the pharmaceutical industry… The vaccines work so they have increased the ‘value’ “.

The financial daily recalls that the EU contracts were signed in a complex moment of the vaccination campaign in the Union, while the block was facing supply problems from AstraZeneca e Johnson&Johnson and authorities were investigating a suspected link between doses of these vaccines and blood clots that have occurred in rare cases. Brussels was also facing criticism from Member States, led by Austria, who accused the Commission of one “unfair” distribution of the doses.

In recent days Oxfam e Emergency, members of the People’s Vaccine Alliance (PVA) with Units and nearly 70 other organizations, reported that the cost of global vaccination with innovative vaccines a mRNA – supported by the initiative Covax World Health Organization – could be at least 5 times lower, if pharmaceutical giants did not enjoy vaccine patent monopolies Covid. Thanks to those patents they charged the Villages rich up to 24 times the estimated cost of production and to developing countries up to 5 times that. The dossier calculated that only Pfizer/BioNTech e Modern in 2021 they could make states pay 41 billion dollars more, compared to the cost of production estimated, despite the fact that the same companies have received over 8.25 billion in public funding for their development. New analyzes of type vaccine manufacturing techniques rMNA, marketed by Pfizer / BioNTech and Moderna – made by Public Citizen with engineers from Imperial College and published in the report – reveal that these vaccines could be made on average with a cost ranging from as little as $ 1.18 to $ 2.85 per dose.

“Only Italy – they say Oxfam e Emergency – until today for these two vaccines it would have spent € 4.1 billion more in taxpayers’ money. Resources which could be invested to strengthen the national health system, allowing, for example, to set up further 40 thousand new places from intensive care (to date there are just over 8,500) or to hire over 49,000 new doctors (to date there are just over 100,000 employees of the National Health System).


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