“You are in disguise for the private plane. But in this way I help my daughter”: the outburst of Bonolis’ wife

“You are in disguise for the private plane. But in this way I help my daughter”: the outburst of Bonolis’ wife
“You are in disguise for the private plane. But in this way I help my daughter”: the outburst of Bonolis’ wife

Sonia Bruganelli she will be one of the Big Brother Vip commentators leaving on Canale5 in just over a month and she is enjoying her family holidays before embarking on this new adventure, unprecedented for her. Like every summer, the wife of Paolo Bonolis she shares her holidays on social media with her children, her husband and friends of all time and punctually unleashes the haters, ready to pour into her profile to criticize her standard of living. For years, Sonia Bruganelli has chosen Formentera for the summer and to reach the Spanish island she chooses to fly with a private jet. A luxury not for everyone, which for the Bonolis family is not just a habit, as the producer and next columnist explained in one of her latest posts.

It is undeniable that Sonia Bruganelli often enjoys a cause his followers with funny photos and often sarcastic captions. On the other hand, after so many years in which she is heavily criticized and accused of flaunting her ample economic availability, Paolo Bonolis’s wife has chosen not to fight back with the same currency, preferring the humorous approach. Sonia Bruganelli has also become good at ignoring certain comments by following the advice of her husband who, as she herself stated, suggests her not to fight on social media. However, behind the armor of Sonia Bruganelli hides a complex world, which the columnist has tried to explain in several interviews. However, as often happens, it is the images that give the measure, rather than the words.

On several occasions Sonia Bruganelli said that for them traveling withprivate plane it’s not just a choice of convenience or a star whim. It is now known that one of the couple’s children, Silvia, suffers from a disease that makes her movements complicated. So here is that with the private jet the whole family can move more comfortably to the holiday destinations. It is certainly not a solution that everyone can undertake, of course, but at the umpteenth attack Sonia Bruganelli has decided to remove the last veil and show what lies behind the much criticized and luxurious photos on social media. However, it is sad that a mother has to justify her choices in the face of social hatred.

When you are ‘in disguise’ for the private plane, know that it is also a way to make life easier for Silvia. Who among you would not do it if you could ??????“asked Bruganelli under a shot in which you can see some people helping the girl to get out of the vehicle. Many comments of support for Paolo Bonolis’ wife, including that of Tommaso Zorzi: “I lived there closely and I know the commitment you put into shortening the distance between Silvia and everyday life. And anyone who does it, regardless of the means, deserves respect. Say hello to my Silvietta “.


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