Conversations under control: here’s why it could happen

Conversations under control: here’s why it could happen
Conversations under control: here’s why it could happen

The specter of conversations under control hovers more than ever over users of the major media. Because this unfortunate hypothesis could materialize

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The control of email and of chat it could soon be reality. Said this way it might seem like yet another joke for ours privacy, but in reality there is a rather serious and noble motivation behind it.

Before understanding the reason for this choice, it is good to focus on the critical aspect of the issue, given that for the next 3 years the intimacy of European citizens would in fact be put aside. Pending final approval, on 6 July the “ChatControl” regulation was voted with 537 votes in favor, 133 against and 24 abstentions.

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Conversations under control: what the new privacy regulation provides

In reality, this option arises from the need to stem the shady phenomenon of child pornography exchanges. Only in Italy this plague experienced a 70% increase. A problem to be defeated absolutely even at the cost of sacrificing the private sphere of individuals.

This is the thinking of a part of the European Supervisor. According to him, the aforementioned would be a reasonable solution of equilibrium. A thought that does not at all coincide with that of many members of the European Parliament, who, on the other hand, are not inclined to such a great sacrifice.

Should the text become executive in effect, it will allow greater control over email and conversations. So, goodbye to end-to-end encryption to encourage companies to view the content relating to child abuse.

According to privacy expert and co-founder of the Privacy Network Matteo Navacci, the images and videos of millions of people can be acquired, examined and stored by service providers. In this way they would circulate even more private information compared to what is already happening today.

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As a result, several parties are quite rigid and have no intention of endorsing the regulation. They are willing to negotiate only if steps are taken to maintain a high level of user privacy.

Nor should the question of artificial control. With this tool even a simple bath in the basin of one’s children could be misinterpreted and subject to denunciation.

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