“To apply? The M5S takes me too much”. But Conte finds the time to teach

“To apply? The M5S takes me too much”. But Conte finds the time to teach
“To apply? The M5S takes me too much”. But Conte finds the time to teach

Time is relative, you know. But in politics it is less so: Giuseppe Conte he will not be a candidate for the autumn supplementary rounds, preferring “the commitment to relaunch the 5 Star Movement”. These are his words.

There would be the match for the Primavalle college, but the former Giallorossi and yellow-green premier, as reported Daily fact, it was lapidary: “I decided not to run for the supplementary elections because at this moment I made a priority commitment for me and that is to work for the relaunch of the 5-star Movement”. No challenge for Parliament, therefore. Because the temporal spaces available, with a party to be relaunched, would be narrow. And the professor originally from Volturara Appula wants to do things right, with the right concentration.

Yes, the teaching: a “priority” that Conte does not mention when he drifts the supplementary for a seat valid for the Chamber, but which results. A report of the Council of the Master’s Degree in Law of last 11 May assigns to the former Prime Minister the teacher’s desk of Civil Law for the academic year 2021-2022. The former top executive, after the loss of Palazzo Chigi, has returned from expectation: the University of Florence has the obligation to normalize the situation. A few lines are enough for a modification of the educational offer: the destination of the grillino and academic leader has already been immortalized on the official website of the University. No longer private law, therefore, but civil law, as confirmed by the university a ilGiornale.it.

All in the norm. A professorship is not a Salvini state flight. But a suspected, in terms of political opportunity, it comes: Conte has the time to devote himself to the Movement, to university teaching and perhaps even to the profession. You need flexibility to do everything, anyone would admit, but there is no question of applying. Contemporary leaderships, except that of Mario Draghi which is a justified exception, sit in elective assemblies. Even Enrico Letta, who for now is missing and who has returned in a hurry from Paris for the secretariat of the Democratic Party, is aiming for the Sienese seat.

The relationship between politics and consensus has evolved over the years, but some traditions persist. Like to compete with the approval of the lower electorate to win the “right” to distribute recipes and strategies from the top of a party secretariat. There would also be the whole saga of “direct democracy“and of his beauty according to the Grillina narrative, but Conte has to do, too much to do, to pass the electoral scrutiny. And to be consistent with what the Movement supported before him.

Unless the professor originally from Volturara Appula does not perceive Primavalle’s challenge, the one that has been ventilated for months, as a caudine gallows. That college it is not armored. Perhaps not even that of Siena that Enrico Letta aspires to is, but the uninominal electoral Lazio 1-11 is all a cakewalk. Yes, the 5 Star Movement has just returned from a victory in those parts, but the center-right has proven to be competitive, while the polls on Virginia Raggi and on her attempt to do an encore in Rome advise against optimism on the part of the pentastellata. The capital should (let us make the necessary precautions) decide to abandon the movementist experience. And the double challenge at the same time, resulting in the Conte-Raggi political association, may have scared the former prime minister.

In addition, there are those on Conte di polls: the academic holds a hit among the electoral base of the party he should preside, but spend punti in terms of general consensus, showing signs of downsizing after theexploit also due to the early pandemic phases. Who can give Professor Giuseppe Conte the certainty of being elected to the Chamber passing through Primavalle? Nobody. The granite certainty of a chair instead exists. The disengagement, more than for reasons of a temporal nature, may be due to realism: a defeat would mean goodbye leadership and related ambitions.

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