checks and tests even to the neighbors

checks and tests even to the neighbors
checks and tests even to the neighbors

The document was announced a month ago, but is now in black and white. And, above all, it exists in fact: it is the “Strategy for strengthening the vaccination offer in the context of the outbreaks caused by variant of concern (voc) of Sars-CoV-2”, that is the plan with which the Region Veneto aims to contain the damage of the variant Delta, through a series of very stringent measures around the cases of contagion caused precisely by the now predominant variant of Indian concern, so much so as to involve the condominium, the Neighborhood and the district of residence of the positive. The text was published in the Bur on Friday, on the day when the Experimental Zooprophylactic Institute of the Venezie announced that that mutation is currently responsible for 97.2% of infections.

“Pandemic relaunched by a few positive unfortunates who carry the contagion around”

Delta variant in Veneto

The spread of the virus does not stop, although characterized by low hospitalization, which however does not exclude the risk of disease and death for the most fragile minority of the population. Yesterday’s bulletin recorded another 629 cases out of 38,832 molecular and antigenic swabs, for a positivity rate of 1.61%, bringing the total to 436,583 since the beginning of the emergency. Another death updates the tragic count at 11,642. There remain 17 patients in intensive care, while those in the non-critical area rise to 149 (+10). The numbers are characterized by a strong prevalence of the Delta variant in unvaccinated subjects, as evidenced by the cross-referencing of hospitalizations and sequencing. “It follows that, without the continuous application of prevention measures and the strengthening of vaccination strategies, new peaks of infections associated with hospital admissions and deaths are possible”, reads the text, prepared by the Prevention Department led by Francesca Russo and attached to the resolution approved on the proposal of the commissioner Manuela Lanzarin.

Vaccines and controls

The objectives of the plan are articulated in two directions. On the one hand, it is necessary to “integrate the vaccination offer aiming to protect any people exposed to a greater risk of serious forms of disease”, by identifying the territorial area where the positivity occurred “in order to constitute the so-called geographical area of vaccination protection “, as well as reconstructing the context of the case,” in order to create a Covid-free living and living environment through the vaccination offer “. On the other hand, it is necessary to “integrate the vaccination offer with active call through the identification of new target groups of the population”, as well as for people over 60 and vulnerable. Regarding the actions of tracing e testing, that is, precisely of tracing and buffer, the Region considers the diligence and breadth of the interventions to be crucial. In fact, “a timely taking charge of new positive cases and an accurate search for contacts (not only limiting oneself to those defined as close) are a priority to widen the circles of epidemiological investigations and promptly interrupt all possible chains of contagion”. Therefore “in the presence of a variant, the Hygiene and Public Health Service implements all the measures of isolation, quarantine and testing of the contacts of the case, extending the investigation to all possible contexts frequented by the case”.

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Tests and vaccines at the condominium

As for the administration of the vaccine, when a Delta variant infection is detected, interventions also take place against his neighbors. The indication is to identify, perhaps “with the support of the case or the condominium administrator”, the other tenants of the building; verify, “in compliance with the rules on privacy”, the vaccination status; propose immunization to unvaccinated inhabitants and, in the event of non-consent, “investigate the reasons”; implement communication and information initiatives “to encourage membership”; propose to the over 60s and frail subjects the completion of the cycle “in compliance with the minimum schedule”, thus shortening the wait for the recall; suggest the second dose also to people who have recovered, “if at greater risk of complications”. Depending on the geographical characteristics of the place, similar requirements can also be implemented at the district level, from the street to the Municipality.

The same strategy used on the geographical front must then be adopted from the social point of view. In the event of an Indian variant infection, the vaccination status and the proposed inoculation are checked against contacts, between work colleagues for adults and between schoolmates or summer camp for children. , as well as with regard to visitors to sports and religious communities, as well as cultural and voluntary associations.


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