The women’s relay is sixth, Pellegrini greets the Games: “Me in politics? I would like to stay in sport”

With the last hundred meters of Federica Pellegrini at the Olympics, the Italian 4×100 mixed women’s relay finished the final in Tokyo in sixth place. The blue (Margherita Panziera, Martina Carraro, Elena Di Liddo and Federica Pellegrini) “touched” in 3’56 “68. Gold for Australia, silver for the USA, bronze for Canada.

Federica Pellegrini: “I’m with Matteo Giunta, it will last a long time between us”

by our correspondent Alessandra Retico

July 28, 2021

The girls arrive in the mixed area, they pass the word to Captain Pellegrini: “Do I have to do the recap? We are satisfied, because in any case it is an Olympic final and for a female relay it is always a good test. A relay that will certainly grow in the coming years. To do well in the relays, we saw it yesterday, we must all be aligned and very often it is not enough. We did what we could do, that’s it ”.

Yes, that’s it: it was Federica’s last 100 meters who in Tokyo reached the historic milestone of five finals in five Olympics (but we will see her again in the pool in Naples for the Isl, the Champions of swimming, Fede will swim on 26 and 27 August “not 29, I have a wedding, but not mine”). And then? The teammates, jokingly, say “Fede will be a teacher of zumba.” Pellegrini laughs: “I will have to metabolize everything without bowls, but I am very happy with the decision I have made to leave. It is the right time, I have always felt it and I am very happy about what awaits me next, in fact I can’t wait for it to start. Then surely melancholy will also come, maybe at the end of the year when I will really stop completely, but I’m serene “.

He has many projects in mind: a docu-film, a book, TV. “Even politics, like Valentina Vezzali? Undersecretary for Sport seems a bit too much to me. No, I still have my costume on, I don’t know where in the world I’m from, if I’m Italian, from Tokyo. I don’t know, it’s not that you invent anything. The proposals will arrive and I will feel like accepting them or not. I am not very diplomatic. I would be perfect in the sense of being the first true non-diplomatic politician.

In twenty years of swimming, Federica thinks rather of helping sport from within: “Nothing has been proposed to me. I would like to stay in sport in general. I leave a national team with a male sector that is stronger than ever. Instead the female one. must be helped. I am not referring to myself in the first person, but I think that a female figure within the staff of this national team who is a reference for all girls must be there. A professional figure I mean, I’m not talking about me, but of a psychologist who helps the girls in the most difficult and stressful moments “.

Federica thinks about afterwards, about what she leaves: “I think it is essential for girls who are growing up now to have help. I think of Pilate: there are mechanisms that lead you to face an Olympics that not everyone has the ability to do by age or character. I have always had it, because I have always sought it out by myself. Sport in general is becoming the exaltation of every little detail and this is the only one we have never worked on. ” Now is the time to say hello to the fans: “Thank you very much for all these years, they have been truly incredible, a swing of beautiful and painful emotions”. Faith is much reciprocated.

Roberto Pellegrini, diary of a father and his champion: “How beautiful it is to cry for Federica”

at Emanuela Audisio

July 28, 2021

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