the comment by Phil Spencer and Cory Barlog

the comment by Phil Spencer and Cory Barlog
the comment by Phil Spencer and Cory Barlog

Through their respective social profiles, the boss of Microsoft’s Xbox division Phil Spencer and the Game Director of Sony Santa Monica Cory Barlog commented on the latest news on harassment and sexism in the video game industry triggered by the accusations brought against Activision and other companies in the sector.

In the fiery days that are accompanying this controversial situation, the leading exponent of the videogame division of Microsoft, while preferring not to openly mention Activision and the other companies involved in various capacities in the allegations of discrimination and harassment, points out how “I just got out of an intense discussion with Xbox Women in Gaming, from which I have learned so much over the years. I want to share my personal support for anyone who has experienced sexual harassment or discrimination. I see you. I am on your side. “.

Definitely more “direct” are the phrases shared by the father of God of War Cory Barlog to express all his indignation for the cases of harassment, discrimination and sexism that emerged in recent days and resulted in the Activision employee strike.

The Game Director of SIE Santa Monica, in fact, does not mince words in explaining how “I fully support all my Activision Blizzard developer friends as they oppose this treatment of me ** a. Our industry needs to be better.”. Also from the columns of his personal Twitter profile, Barlog reiterated his position by sharing with his followers the numerous messages published by the sector press on the subject and, above all, the posts of developers and developers with testimonies of harassment and discrimination suffered. .


comment Phil Spencer Cory Barlog

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