thus the Delta variant threatens the summer

thus the Delta variant threatens the summer
thus the Delta variant threatens the summer

Despite the hopes of the insiders, the summer of 2021 will certainly not be remembered as that of the restart after the Covid 19 pandemic. In fact, the absence of foreign tourists continues, especially intercontinental flows, but also a few Europeans; Italians reschedule down, postpone vacation choices and, what’s worse, tend to cancel bookings. This is the effect of the Delta variant on tourism described by the Confturismo-Confcommercio Observatory and Swg on the confidence of Italian travelers for the month of July.

34% of tourists have already canceled

In fact, if the Italians ready to leave are 17 million, 34% of these, equal to 5.8 million, declare that they have already canceled at least one of the tourist service bookings made previously and, of the remaining 66%, almost a third is ready to cancel what was booked, if the epidemiological indices worsen. In summary, if already this year 8 million summer vacationers were missing compared to the numbers of Italians before the pandemic, potentially another 8 million fewer are added.

The effect of the Delta variant

After a June “flop” then, July closes well below expectations, with 9% of the interviewees choosing this month for holidays of 3-7 days and 13% for holidays of more than 1 week. But in the forecasts of compatriots August also falls, especially as a month for holidays of more than 7 days, passing from 33% to 28% of preferences; while September remains in vogue for now, especially for short breaks of 1 or 2 nights at most. So the Italians, compared to what emerged in May, are postponing the departure forecasts and shortening the length of the trips.

This is the effect of the “delta variant”, which is frightening, more than the new rules on the adoption of the digital green certificate on which the interviewees agree in 79% of cases, even if the survey ended on July 20, therefore 3 days before the release of the relative decree.


Delta variant threatens summer

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