What changes with the new justice reform of Minister Cartabia

What changes with the new justice reform of Minister Cartabia
What changes with the new justice reform of Minister Cartabia

The new times and the impossibility of prosecution for some types of crime

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The government has found an agreement on the reform of the Justice developed by Minister Marta Cartabia. The new rules are characterized by the principle of the reasonable duration of the process which is respected with the introduction of limits. The reform only concerns crimes committed after 1 January 2020 but will enter into force gradually. It will serve to balance the abolition of the prescription introduced by the reform signed by the former Keeper of the Seals Bonafede. This new law will also lead to the hiring of 20,000 more people, including 16,500 assistant judges. Until December 31, 2024, there is no limit to the number of extensions for mafia-type association crimes, terrorism, sexual violence and drug trafficking. For the aggravating mafia, up to two further extensions are envisaged, ie a maximum of six years on appeal and three years in the Supreme Court. From 1 January 2025 for all serious crimes there is no limit to the extensions but they must be motivated by the judge and always recourse to the Supreme Court. Until 31 December 2024, the reform provides for longer terms for all processes: three years on appeal; one year and six months in the Supreme Court. There will be a possibility of extension: up to four years on appeal and up to two in the Supreme Court for all the processes in the ordinary way. From 1 January 2025, the reform provides: on appeal, that the trials may last up to two basic years, plus an extension of a maximum of one year; in the Supreme Court, one year plus an extension of six months. The reform provides for the establishment of a specific technical-scientific committee at the Ministry of Justice. Each year the Committee must report the evolution of the data on the disposal of the outstanding backlog and on the timeframes for defining the processes. It must also monitor the progress of the times in the various Courts of Appeal. The results of the annual monitoring must be transmitted to the High Council of the Judiciary.

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