Rai fee, methods for not paying: exemptions and cancellations

Rai fee, methods for not paying: exemptions and cancellations
Rai fee, methods for not paying: exemptions and cancellations

Rai fee, we don’t have to pay it, but maybe we didn’t know: here are all the methods to be exempt

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If you have a TV in Italy you are actually required to pay the Rai license fee. And it doesn’t matter, if maybe we spend very little time on Rai channels. Nobody will check this, but the tax is paid anyway. For this reason, the Rai canon is not very well seen by many users who love to watch television.

There are many innovations that are investing in our country, the world of TV. They are not just about taxes and for example, there are those who are interested in knowing how the scrapping bonus is spreading. What then does not particularly please the Italians, is that the tax on the Rai license fee is levied directly from 2016, with the surcharge that goes to concern the electricity bill.

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Rai canon: is there a way to say goodbye?

The farewell seemed to have come by the government’s own decision, then the turnaround. Everything did not last long and in the meantime it remains in the bill. Indeed, the fee is a tax on the possession of equipment dedicated to the reception of radio and television hearings and it is not even a paltry figure. In fact, annually with it we lose 90 euros, which are lost in the bills between January and October.

But does everyone have to pay? Indeed, if you do not have a TV, you do not have to pay, so there is the possibility to fill in a form on the web that must be sent to the Revenue Agency. This form must then be sent with the PEC method, a [email protected]; or also with a registered letter to: Agenzia delle Entrate – Turin Office 1, SAT – TV Subscription Desk – Post Office 22 – 10212 Turin. This can also be done by a Caf.

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Fortunately, the fee is only for the address of residence, it means that if we have two houses or more, we will not have to pay for every TV we own. For the exemption, it is always good to make sure that you are not distracted and instead own a television. The Agency carries out many checks for these cases. But if you only possess them pc o tablet, through which we watch tv, we will not have to pay this tax.

Finally, there are categories of citizens who can request reimbursement for the fee, and they are:

  • Applicant with more than 75 years and an annual income not exceeding 8,000 euros;
  • Foreign diplomatic or military user;
  • If there has been a double payment by the applicant and another family member;
  • Thanks to the self-certification of non-possession of television sets;
  • Any other reasons, specified in detail in the refund request.

They are then exempt, civil invalids in a retirement home; men of the armed forces; men of the NATO forces; foreign diplomats and consuls; activity where the repair work of televisions takes place.

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