In the Chamber there will be the Vaffa Day of the former grillini to the “traitors” of the 5 Star Movement – Il Tempo

In the Chamber there will be the Vaffa Day of the former grillini to the “traitors” of the 5 Star Movement – Il Tempo
In the Chamber there will be the Vaffa Day of the former grillini to the “traitors” of the 5 Star Movement – Il Tempo

Francesco Storace

01 August 2021

The revolution was beautiful, the pillory for the caste, the gallows in the square. On the deserted Sunday of early August in Piazza Colonna we could still hear those noises. The justice reform in Montecitorio would become tasty if there were in the Chamber the replication of the work of the commission that examined the measure wanted by Mario Draghi and Marta Cartabia and by the majority. Because the faces of pentastellated deputies who could get treason accusations on a very thorny issue for their company name deserve to be looked at. Marco Travaglio reaches out to explain that they have won, but in the commission it was enough to get the dissidents of «The alternative there» to speak to warn the stomach ache of the grillini who remained on board the ship. Let’s arm ourselves with popcorn, because it will be worth it if the cameras frame the majority and pentastellated peons. In the close of the commission, the official Five Stars were mocked from the outset by the leader of the dissidents on the reform, Andrea Colletti: “It begins two hours late because one of the political forces that make up the majority had to hold a meeting to deepen the meaning of the government’s proposal “. We are mocked. Guess who he was referring to.

If Colletti will do an encore in the classroom, it will also be necessary to equip himself with binoculars to enjoy the facial contortions of his former colleagues when he will refer to the so-called inadmissibility, or to the cancellation of that end processes that never made them dream so much under the guidance of Alfonso Bonafede . “It will substantially determine – it was the blow that came between head and neck to the Five Stars – the procedural limitation of many crimes in a short time”. With a lot of comments addressed to his former colleagues by Colletti himself: “The will seems to be to favor excellent defendants, dear members of the majority.” Try to imagine the same scene repeated in the classroom and the Vaffas addressing each other. Horror, dissidents are accused of the Orthodox, for that “unconstitutional and dangerous mechanism that provides for the possibility that Parliament can indicate priorities in the exercise of prosecution”. Yes, they were like that and now not anymore. They got there in Parliament and now they have to swallow. Another exiting from the Movement, who also landed at “L’Alternativa exists”, Francesco Forciniti, will probably add to the dose. In the commission he criticized the article that modifies the institution of probation with such harshness that he came to define it as a “vacuacarceri”. And looking at the benches from where he harangued in the past, he said to his former fellow travelers: «What is the real thought of the colleagues of the 5 Star Movement regarding the” criminal design “- as he came to define it – contained in the amendment proposal? “. But it is precisely on the prescription that they were unleashed, “an evident defeat of the 5 Star Movement on the modification of the rules on the prescription of the crime, a defeat confirmed by the silence of the group”, the usual Colletti put in the minutes with perfidy worthy of a better cause . Then shouting: “Make the crimes foreseen by article 416-bis of the criminal code also inadmissible”.

The poisonous tones were noted by all: “Allowing the unauthorized crime of the mafia is equivalent to doing a favor to criminal organizations, recalling how this measure is added to the changes to the subcontracting regulations introduced by the recent simplification law decree”. You are doing “a favor to the mafia.” But hadn’t Conte “won”, according to the verb of the daily Fact? The pentastellated deputies in the commission were turning away, who knows what will happen today in the Chamber. President Roberto Fico will risk having to act as a bouncer between old and new party cronies. It is to be hoped – on the part of Giuseppe Conte and company – that the already tense nerves will not be further shaken by the arguments used in the commission. “None of the deputies of the 5 Star Movement decided to intervene – finally sank the Colletti blade – this attitude is proof of the shame they feel in voting in favor of the reform”. Perhaps, here is the final broadside, “the 5 Star MoVement, now in power, fears that these crimes (we were talking about those with an environmental background) could be challenged to some of its exponents”. It is “the end of Bonafede’s corrupt sweep.” Here, don’t tell Marco Travaglio.

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