prisoner escapes from the hospital of Ostia

Sunday 1 August 2021 – 09.20

Rome, Uilpa: prisoner escapes from the Ostia hospital

The prison officers union: “We need a taser”

Rome, 1 Aug. (askanews) – “A 31-year-old inmate, originally from Sudan, arrested a few days ago on his arrival at Fiumicino airport, because he was believed to have ingested eggs containing drugs, and was admitted to the ‘GB Grassi’ hospital in Ostia , where he was guarded by the penitentiary police awaiting the expulsion of the eggs themselves, at around 4.30 this morning he managed to escape. The searches of the penitentiary police itself and of the other police forces started immediately and are still in progress ”. This was reported in a note by Gennarino De Fazio, general secretary of the Uilpa Penitentiary Police.

The trade unionist then adds: “We do not yet know the exact dynamics of evasion; the arrested man had been in the prison police for a few days and at the moment of his escape, as far as we could learn, he was hospitalized in a hospital room dedicated to the so-called ovulators and guarded by two men; it seems that he managed to unhinge a door leaf and subsequently to force the block that the prison police tried to oppose without, of course, being able to use the firearms supplied ”.

“This – says the secretary of the Uilpa Penitentiary Police – could be indicated as one of the school cases regarding the usefulness of the taser also for the prison police. Let me be clear, we do not ask and, on the contrary, we would consider the availability of the electric gun in prisons useless and even dangerous and counterproductive; on the contrary, however, we think that it would be very useful if not indispensable in other services carried out by the Penitentiary Police Corps and completely similar to those disengaged by the Police Forces with general competence, among which, in fact, that of translations and guarding of prisoners “.

“Once again – continues De Fazio – we ask President Draghi and Minister Cartabia the adoption of concrete measures to strengthen the Prison Police Corps starting from staff and equipment, also equipping it, like the other Police Forces, with taser for the specific services provided outside prisons “.


prisoner escapes hospital Ostia

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