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THE FIRST PART OF THE WEEK – After the transit of the perturbation on Sunday responsible for severe bad weather conditions in northern Italy, a tense flow of humid and unstable currents on average southwest will remain active in central Europe which will affect the weather up to our northern regions with a marked variability and new showers or thunderstorms especially in the afternoon on the Alps, eastern Liguria, Lombardy and the northeast.

Moreover, in the middle of the week, the Tyrrhenian sector will also be affected by greater cloud cover and scattered rainfall, with particular reference to Tuscany, Umbria, part of Lazio and Campania between Wednesday and Thursday. It will go better on the rest of Italy, with temperatures that will begin to downsize also in the Center and on part of the South due to the entry of currents from the north-western quadrants. Conditions will remain intense heat still in Sicily and on the heel of the boot with possible peaks of over 40 ° C on the internal Catania, Cosentino and Materano, but on the other southern regions the mercury will lose a few degrees.

TOWARDS THE WEEKEND – Except for brief pauses, the second part of the week also seems threatened by the arrival of other unstable impulses that could involve Northern Italy and, although more marginally, also part of the Center, with others showers and thunderstorms close to next weekend. Once again the South would not be involved, except for some cloud cover near the Tyrrhenian coasts, where the weather would remain more stable and even further warmer, especially in Sicily. For sunnier skies even in the North, it will probably be necessary to wait until the end of the first decade of August, when the high pressure could try to embrace the whole of central and southern Europe. Given the temporal distance, the trend could undergo changes. We advise you to follow the next updates.

Do you want to know if there will be wind in your area? We also have national and regional wind maps available. Click here for details >> Twenty.

Even in conditions of high pressure, in the height of summer, thunderstorms can suddenly form and surprise us, short, localized but sometimes intense: they are the so-called ‘heat storms’ and are more likely between late afternoon and early evening.

The weather forecasts are constantly updated, consult the updates also in our special forecast maps on the Italian territory >> Here.

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