she seeks a home in South Africa with the twins

she seeks a home in South Africa with the twins
she seeks a home in South Africa with the twins

More and more clouds over the wedding of Charlene Lynette Wittstocke and Prince Albert of Monaco who have not publicly appeared together since January 26. This is enough to trigger a rumble that makes the rounds of pink-gossip websites and newspapers in Europe, to arrive in France with an amplified echo, which makes titles with question marks mandatory: “Charlene and Albert II of Monaco are on the verge of divorce?” writes the female insert of Le Figaro ‘Madame Figaro’.

Seeing the spouses together these days would actually be difficult, because Alberto is in Tokyo for the Olympics, being a member of the IOC. What aroused suspicion, however, was the lack of celebration ‘in attendance for the ten years of marriage in early July: the couple celebrated them at a distance. Charlene, 43 years old, 20 younger than her husband, born in Zimbabwe and raised in South Africa, has in fact still been in the South African republic since March, when she went there to attend the funeral of Goodwill Zwelithini kaBhekuzulu, the king of the Zulu.

An official commitment that at that moment required her to leave her seven-year-old twins, Jacques and Gabriella, in Monaco. It was not known then that she would see them again only months later, in June, when they went to visit her together with Prince Albert. Charlene, on the other hand, has never moved, she has certainly not returned to Munich, due to an upper respiratory infection – it was declared, confirmed and reiterated by Palazzo.

Order of doctors. However, this is not enough to dispel all doubts. Not to the German weekly Bunte who wants to see clearly and then investigates, until he collects information that Princess Charlene is looking around South Africa looking for a real estate property to buy near Johannesburg.

And above all, he has “no intention of returning” to Munich “for the moment,” according to anonymous testimonies collected by Bunte. In addition, Paris Match reveals that the wealthy entrepreneur Colleen Glaeser, a great friend of the princess, would be helping her set up a business to manage her interests and activities directly from South Africa. And then it is again the German magazine, without much delay, to state that the announcement of the divorce for the royal couple would be imminent. According to this story there would be no real triggering factor, nor an episode by way of a drop that breaks the camel’s back, but a crescendo of discomfort towards the constant chatter and rumors of infidelity on the part of Alberto, together with the fact of feeling “Judged and misunderstood”. Another Monegasque fairytale without a happy ending.

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