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10.57: Our live ends here, with Italy second in the group and waiting for the draw to find out who will face the Azzurri in the quarters, thanks for following us. Good day

10.56: For Italy 17 points from an implacable Juantorena, 11 for Piano, 9 for Lavia in a set and a half. For Venezuela 8 points from Rivas and 7 points from Valencia

10.55: All easy, therefore, for Italy who played with the reserve diagonal, Sbertoli and Vettori, to leave a rest session for Giannelli and Zaytsev who had to deal with some physical problems last week. Good entry to Lavia, good for the central Piano and Galassi

10.53: Good performance of the blues against a Venezuela that had made several rivals suffer, including Poland. Italy struggled only in the first part of the match and a pinch at the start of the third set but the domination of Blengini’s team was clear

25-17 Lavia’s parallel from zone 4 closes a match without history: 3-0 to Venezuela

24-17 Error in the Italian service

24-16 Error in the Venezuela service

23-16 Willner’s hand out from zone 4

23-15 Juantorena’s diagonal from zone 4

22-15 Piano’s free ball

21-15 Murooooooooooooo Juantorenaaaaaaaaaaaaa

20-15 Vincente Juantorena from zone 4

19-15 Error in the Italian service

19-14 Murooooooooooooo Juantorenaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

18-14 Sbertoli of second intention

17-14 Italy service error

17-13 Juantorenaaaaaaaaaaa !!! Hand out from zone 4 after a great blue defense with the ball coming from behind

16-13 Lavia narrow diagonal from zone 4

15-13 Cousin time Valencia

15-12 First half Galassi

14-12 Venezuela wall on Lavia’s lob

14-11 Muroooooooooooooo Galassiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

13-11 Lavia’s diagonal without zone 4 chase

12-11 Venezuela service error

11-11 Hand out of Arias in zone 2

11-10 Muroooooooooooo Pianooooooooooooooo

10-10 Hand Out Vectors from Zone 4

9-10 Error in the Italian service

9-9 Indecisions of the Venezuelans and the ball falls

8-9 Out the parallel attack of Juantorena. Not too much concentration of the blues

8-8 First half Galassi

7-8 Hand out of Arias in zone 2

7-7 Vincente Arias from the second row

7-6 Error in the Italian service

7-5 Venezuela service error

6-5 Error in the Italian service

6-4 Venezuela service error

5-4 Parallel of Arias from the second line

5-3 Hand out of Lavia

4-3 First half of Valencia

4-2 Aceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Juantorenaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

3-2 Lavia’s push from zone 4

2-2 First time of Piano

1-2 Cousin Time Aramas

1-1 Juantorena’s parallel from zone 4

25-15 Lavia’s pipe closes the second set, domination of the blues: 2-0

24-15 Vincente Arias from zone 2

24-14 Mess of Venezuela on Lavia’s dribble

23-14 Italy service error. Five consecutive errors

23-13 Ancora Lavia from zone 2

22-13 Error in the Italian service

22-12 Vincente Lavia diagonally from zone 4

21-12 Error in the Italian service

21-11 Diagonal of Vectors from second line

20-11 Error in the Italian service

20-10 First half Galassi

19-10 Error in the Italian service

19-9 First half Galassi

18-9 Wall of Venezuela on Vettori

18-8 Hand Out Vectors from Zone 2

17-8 Out the attack of Vectors from zone 2

17-7 First time Piano

16-7 Muroooooooooooo Pianoooooooooooo

15-7 Out of Emerson’s attack

14-7 First time Piano

13-7 Pipe di Willner

13-6 Muroooooooooooo Pianoooooooooooooooooo

12-6 The Carrasco pipe on the net

11-6 Juantorena’s winning attack from zone 4

10-6 First half behind Piano

9-6 Error in the Italian service

9-5 Muroooooooooooo Sbertoliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

8-5 Juantorena’s parallel from zone 4

7-5 Sbertoli’s error

7-4 Diagonal of Vectors from second line

6-4 Withholding of Michieletto

6-3 Venezuela service error

5-3 Vincente Emerson from the second line in parallel

5-1 Out Emerson’s attack from Zone 2

4-1 Michieletto! Narrow diagonal of 4 meters from zone 4

3-1 Out the narrow diagonal of Vectors

3-0 Juantorena’s pipe

2-0 Michieletto hand out from zone 4

1-0 Michieletto’s free ball

25-22 MUROOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LAVIAAAAAAAAAAAAAA !!! Just entered !!! Italy wins the first set 25-22

24-22 JUANTORENAAAAAAAAAAA !!! Winning on the hands of the wall from zone 2

23-22 The Juantorena pipe after the beautiful defense of Venezuela

22-22 Error in the Italian service

22-21 Venezuela service error

21-21 Mano out Willner da zona 4

21-20 Error in the Venezuela service

20-20 Mano out Emerson

20-19 Invasion of Venezuela

19-19 Invasion of Italy

19-18 Muroooooooooooo Pianoooooooooooo

18-18 Diagonal of Juantorena from zone 4

17-18 Juantorena error from zone 4

17-17 Vincente Fayola from zone 2

17-16 Error in the Venezuela service

16-16 The Venezuelan wall on the Michieletto pipe

16-15 Mano out Fayola da zona 4

16-14 Juantorenaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!! Winning diagonal from zone 4

15-14 Error in the Venezuela service

14-14 Cousin time Valencia

14-13 Aceeeeeeeeeeeeeee Vettoriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

13-13 Winning Carriers from zone 2

12-13 Galassi’s error

12-12 Willner winning in parallel

12-11 Dribbling on the hands of Michieletto’s wall from zone 4

11-11 Error in the first half Valencia

10-11 Invasion of Venezuela

9-11 Vincente Rodriguez from zone 4

9-9 Vincente Juantorena from zone 2

8-9 Muro del Venezuela su Juantorena

8-8 Invasion of Italy

8-7 Venezuela service error

7-7 Verdi’s first winning half

7-6 Winning Carriers from zone 4

6-6 Hand out of Fayola from zone 4

6-5 Venezuela service error

5-5 Fayola’s narrow diagonal from zone 4

5-4 Vincente Michieletto from zone 2

4-4 Fayola’s winning diagonal

4-3 E. Rodriguez winning from the second line

4-2 Juantorena’s pipe!

3-2 Invasion of Venezuela

2-1 First half Piano

1-1 Mano out Rodriguez

0-1 Out the attack of Rivas

9.23: Blengini does not risk Zaytsev and sends Vettori on the field in the role of opposite, Piano and Galassi play in the center, Michieletto and Juantorena in the band

9.20: Teams on the field to perfect the warm-up

9.17: Poland, beating Canada 3-0, has already conquered the head of the group but Italy can close second, a position that will not give big advantages in the draw for the quarter-finals but is still prestigious

9.07: There could be a few minutes delay in the start of the meeting scheduled for 9.25, due to the prolongation of the previous meetings. The Italy of Gianlorenzo Blengini, therefore, faces Venezuela, a team still standing at 0 points in the standings in a group that sees Poland already certain of the first

9.05: Good morning to the friends of OA Sport and welcome to the live Italy-Venezuela match, valid for the fifth day of the group stage of the Olympic men’s volleyball tournament.

Good morning friends of OA Sport and welcome to the text LIVE LIVE of Italy-Venezuela, match valid for the fifth day of the group stage of the men’s volleyball Olympic tournament. The blues of Gianlorenzo Blengini aim to secure 2nd place in Group A.

It is difficult for theItaly may undermine the first place in the grouping of Poland which need two sets against the Canada to be sure to close at the top. Among the ranks of the Azzurri there may be some changes compared to previous games also because the South Americans are last and have won only one set in the first four games.

It must be remembered that regardless of the result of today’s match, the Azzurri are already sure of the passage to the quarter-finals. In fact, it will only be necessary to establish the position. L’Italy clearly favored and will hardly leave room for opponents.

OA Sport offers you the text LIVE LIVE of Italy-Venezuela, a match valid for the fourth day of Pool A of the Tokyo Olympics. It will start at 9.25 am Italian time at the brand new Ariake Arena, have fun with our news in real time.

Photo: FIVB

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