Covid Bologna: doubled infections, more beds – Chronicle

Covid Bologna: doubled infections, more beds – Chronicle
Covid Bologna: doubled infections, more beds – Chronicle

Bologna, 1 August 2021 – All the numbers of the pandemic from covid, a sign that the fourth wave advances. The new positives almost doubled within 24 hours, passing from 88 to 160 and between the provinces Bologna ends up in first place for infections in the Region. The symptomatic are 119 and the average age of the infected is 32 years.

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The contagions

“Among the 160 new cases – explains Lorenzo Roti, health director of the Usl Company – there are the results of at least thirty swabs from the previous days. The requests of family doctors and pediatricians have increased and now there are about 300 molecular diagnostic tests per day and 130 healing “. However, the contagion curve is constantly and progressively rising.” That’s how it is – confirms Roti – and we expect an average of about 110 cases per day next week which corresponds to a weekly incidence of 80-90 positive per 100 thousand inhabitants“.

The protection effect

There is a positive side on which the executive focuses attention. “86% of swab positives are either unvaccinated or have received only one dose so far. So, going ahead with prophylaxis, it can be assumed that as the population completes the vaccination cycle they will not only be protected from serious disease, but for the most part also from contagion. We will arrive at this stage after Ferragosto “.

The hospitalizations

Those who are affected by Covid and need to be treated in the hospital are sent to the Sant’Orsola, in pavilion 25, where two other patients entered the ordinary hospitalization yesterday, bringing the number to 27, while in intensive care the sick reached 6. In total, 33. In the bulletin of the Region there are two more seriously ill. Meanwhile, at the Policlinico, the supply of Covid beds, already increased during the week, provides for the activation of another ordinary hospitalization tomorrow with 24 places, also in hall 25. “From an initial assessment – continues Roti – it appears that the vaccinated and positive patients are, however, almost all elderly over seventy-five and the original cause of hospitalization is not Covid, but another disease. Then, during the checks, it is also discovered that they are infected “.


The number of people who make an appointment for the first dose every day is about 3mil. “The age group that is booking the most at the moment is the one you belong to very young – observes the medical director – and here certainly affects the return to school. In particular, between 15 and 19 years adherence to the vaccine has risen to 53%, the same percentage of those in the 20-24 range, while between 12 and 14 years it is 30%. Greater awareness is expected for children of this age, also with the collaboration of freely chosen pediatricians. A good sign also comes from the fifties who are above 75% and then from the recovery of the forties, but still below 70% “.

The lists of vaccinated to family doctors

“We are ready to recover the unvaccinated – assures Maurizio Camanzi, Fimmg provincial secretary – but an adequate organization is needed, starting with access to the database. “Roti replies as follows:” During the week, the lists of vaccinated persons will be entered in the Sole system and each family doctor will be able to see who , among his clients, has not yet adhered to prophylaxis. Among the over 60s, 20 thousand are not vaccinated or booked “.

The new entries

From tomorrow, two other white coats will join the group of general practitioners, to replace those suspended because not vaccinated. “One professional comes from continuity of assistance and another from the territorial emergency. We have resorted to exceptions – points out Roti – to activate the agreement that will go on until the suspension continues”. Roberto Pieralli, Smani provincial president, points his finger on the “shortage of family doctors: the filling of places is possible only with recent graduates or with those who have not completed the training of general practitioners “.

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