Husky dog ​​abandoned in the desert, the video of the cruel gesture helps him find an adoptive family

Husky dog ​​abandoned in the desert, the video of the cruel gesture helps him find an adoptive family
Husky dog ​​abandoned in the desert, the video of the cruel gesture helps him find an adoptive family

A car stops on the side of the road. There are two people in the car. A young man opens the door and lets a dog out. He is a Siberian Husky, victim of cruel abandonment. The young man also removes his collar, probably to avoid any element that could trace them. The car drives off and he chases her in a desperate attempt to get back on board. But his run is in vain. Whoever is driving has no intention of slowing down, the two have decided to leave him to his fate in the desert near Horizon City, Texas.

However, the scene was filmed and the video was posted on social media by the Texan animal rights group Pawsitive Rescuers of El Paso. “I don’t know how those people can get into that vehicle, see that dog in the mirror running after them, and then walk away. I don’t know how a human being can do such a thing – said Ronald Comeau, who for six years dedicated himself to the rescue of animals in the El Paso area -. I’ve never seen such a thing, it hurts a lot. The immediate thought that comes to minds of people who love animals is “give me that person for five minutes in a dark room” ».

Husky dog ​​is abandoned in the desert, the cruel gesture

That video went viral on social networks and many people share Comeau’s anger: “It’s heartbreaking and I can’t stop crying,” writes Laura, while Yazmin adds, “I can’t understand how anyone can do this to an animal.”

But that video that generated so much anger was also the reason that prompted a local family to adopt that Husky dog ​​in less than 24 hours. now that animal is called Nanook and lives with Maddie Clappsaddle and her two children. and he already seems to have forgotten the cruelty of those who abandoned him. “When I saw the video and saw him running after the car, it made my heart feel broken – the woman told KVIA -. But now that he’s here and he’s running around and he’s happy, and I feel very happy and excited “..

And to complete the good news there was also the turning point in the investigation: about a week after abandonment, both people, a 68-year-old and a 17-year-old, were identified and accused of animal cruelty. The older man wanted to exonerate the young man by claiming that he had forced him to act, while he ended up in prison and went out paying a bail of 5 thousand dollars. Now he will have to go through the process.

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