GPS additional lists, by today we communicate the dissolution of the reserve for qualification or support specialization

Lists additional to the first GPS bracket, valid for both the extraordinary recruitment procedure provided for by the Sostegni bis Decree, and for the allocation of substitutes for the school year 2021/22: by today the teachers inserted with reserve must send the communication of achievement of the qualification and / or specialization support.

The Ministry of Education, with the Notice of 8 July 2021, has started the inclusion in the additional lists to the first GPS band of teachers who can boast the qualification for competition class or support specialization

The qualification will allow access to the extraordinary recruitments from the first GPS bracket, if foreseen and if in possession of the requisites, as well as to be able to be summoned before the colleagues inserted in the second bracket for the allocation of substitutes.

The inclusion in the additional lists to the first band of the GPS common place and support (governed by Ministerial Decree no. 51/2021) also determines the inclusion in the additional lists to the second band of the corresponding school rankings.

Application submission expired on 25 July

The application for inclusion in the additional lists to the first GPS band was submitted from 16 to 25 July 2021 at 11.59 pm via online Instances.

Through the online model the applications were sent

  • to the School Office receiving the previous application for inclusion (by 6 August 2020), in the case of applicants already included in the GPS;
  • to the School Office of the province chosen for inclusion, in the case of applicants not included in the GPS.

Applications submitted with reservations

The Ministry, on the basis of the Sostegni bis Decree, has provided for the inclusion with reserve in the additional lists for teachers who have obtained the qualification or specialization by 31 July 2021:

“… in the appropriate additional lists to which those who obtain the qualification or specialization qualification by July 31, 2021 can register, also subject to ascertaining the qualification “

Dissolution of the reserve

The reserve will be dissolved by communicating, via PEC, the achievement of the qualification (of specialization or qualification) to the Scholastic office to which the application for inclusion with reserve was sent.

The communication must be made by today 1 August 2021.

Who concerns the dissolution of the reserve

In most cases it could be the teachers who have participated and passed the tests of the STEM competition, and who only in these days have obtained the qualification Here are all the rankings already published

Some teachers who participated and passed the extraordinary competition, whose rankings were published in extremis in these days, were also involved.

In addition of course to the specialized teachers of the TFA support, who have completed the course of the academic year 2019/20 or who have obtained the qualification (for example, numerous teachers of primary education sciences, since for the secondary school in Italy enabling paths are planned from 2014).

The procedure for entry into the role and substitutes is underway

The Ministry informally communicated that from 2 August the recruitment procedures from GPS and the allocation of substitutes will be started.

Entries in role from GPS and SUPPLEMENTS questions expected from 2 August, the platform: up to 100 preferences can be indicated, algorithm assigns the school NEWS

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