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Juventus transfer market, attacking shot

Juventus transfer market, attacking shot
Juventus transfer market, attacking shot

Juventus is preparing to close the first shot of this market: the deal with Santos is being defined, Kaio Jorge in Turin this week

In the Trophy Berlusconi, albeit with a team full of young people and Under 23 players, there were glimpses of the Juventus that Maximilian imagines Merry. Over the years, the Livorno coach has accustomed us to reinventing various players on a tactical level and, even in the first friendly match with almost the full squad, yesterday we saw Ramsey in the control room. An experiment in which Allegri seems to believe a lot, but the big news of yesterday comes from the market. Juventus is preparing to close the first shot of this transfer campaign: the player is expected in Turin already this week. To follow and interact LIVE on the latest from Calciomercato SUBSCRIBE to the YOUTUBE channel!

Juventus transfer market, Kaio Jorge shot | During the week he lands in Turin

Kaio Jorge ©️ Getty Images

As told on these pages in recent weeks, Juventus has perpetrated the overtaking on Kaio Jorge against Milan e Benfica. Yesterday, then, the Juventus transfer men practically arrived at checkers: agreement on details with Santos, with the Brazilian striker who should arrive in Turin already during the week. The 2002 class will be immediately aggregated with the First Team and will be available to Massimiliano Merry to complete the Juventus offensive department. To get updates in REAL TIME on the latest CALCIOMERCATO, SUBSCRIBE TO OUR TELEGRAM CHANNEL!

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The Livorno technician, therefore, will also add kaio Jorge to the long list of young talents present within the squad of Juventus. As the technician revealed in his presentation press conference, the very possibility of working with a young group with great prospects intrigued him to the point of refusing any other offer. The bianconeri then return to investing in the Brazilian market and do so with one of the best prospects of the verdeoro school in recent years. Kaio Jorge arrives in Turin with high expectations on his shoulders, but his desire to reach a club like Juventus was fundamental for the success of the operation.


Juventus transfer market attacking shot

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