Iliad installs iliadbox totems pending the debut in the fixed telephony market –

In the last weeks iliad has begun to install in some of its corners, scattered in various points of sale throughout the country and where you can find the SIM vending machines, a new promotional showcase created to most likely present the new modems iliadbox for the fixed telephony.

As already mentioned, in April 2021 the news emerged that in France the telephone operator has released a Freebox OS update, the operating system that characterizes proprietary devices such as modem routers Freebox, where it was support for the Italian language has been added, which can already be selected on the Freebox Pop modem.

In this regard, the Freebox Pop, the most recent of the modem routers launched in France, should be precisely the device that Iliad will propose in Italy for its debut in the fixed network: in an interview in France, CEO Thomas Reynaud had already stated that the Freebox Pop will be launched both in Italy and Poland (after the acquisition of Play) without providing details on any technical differences between the different markets.

Iliad Corner at the Porto Allegro Shopping Center in Montesilvano (Pescara) before the installation of the “iliadbox” showcase

In Italy the modem should be called iliadbox. The promotional showcase or multimedia totem consists of a monitor and a shelf where in the future there will perhaps be a modem for display. In the coming days, other installations will continue in other stores iliad.

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Iliad Corner at the Porto Allegro Shopping Center in Montesilvano (Pescara) after the installation of the “iliadbox” showcase

In the latest financial documents released, Iliad Group confirmed that the launch in the fixed broadband segment in Italy is expected after the summer of 2021, without providing a more precise time window. Previously iliad Group as a launch window wrote “By the summer” or “Before summer”.

In the conference call of May 18, 2021, Thomas reynaud, CEO of Iliad Group, had thus commented on the update of the launch in the fixed:

In Italy we are finalizing the launch of our broadband fixed network offer. Wait, it’s not impossible that we will go back to “just after the summer”, but we need to make sure our systems are ready

According to some rumors, the most suitable month should be September 2021, but until now it would be only speculation given that no official communication has arrived in Italy on the month of the debut.

The priority for Iliad currently is that of preserve the so-called launch impact of the operation in the Italian market.

In the mobile telephony market, after three years of activity, iliad is at a share 7.8 million mobile users in Italy, for a market share of 10%.

Iliad Italia closed the first half of 2021 with 600,000 new users, achieving a turnover of 383 million euros and thus recording a growth of 22.9% compared to the same period in 2020.

For the first time since its launch, iliad reported a positive half-year EBITDAaL of 6 million euros, reaching its break-even target just three years after its launch on the market.

Investments in the half year amounted to 200 million euros and the development of the mobile radio network continues with the achievement of 7,800 active sites, in line with the target of approximately 8,500 active sites by the end of the current year.

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